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Jessica Jones (2015 - 2019) 1x01-1x03 Reviewed

AKA Ladies Night
Krysten Ritter of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Veronica Mars’, Carrie-Anne Moss and David Tennant of ‘Doctor Who’ star in this Marvel show. I’ve skimmed the comic but other than that know little about her. Jessica (Ritter) is a PI, Jeri (Moss) is a lawyer with Claire Underwood hair and Kilgrave (Tennant and his silly accent) lurks as a super-villain. Jessica stalks Luke Cage and has bad memories of Kilgrave. She also has super-powers.

Jessica is unable to refrain from defying the herd and mouthing off. She bones Luke Cage. She’s not entirely conventional. Her daunting reputation hides her pain; she has emotional labour and is predisposed to be awful. Kilgrave is a dangerous man and lurks. Jeri has secrets. Jessica expects the worst and her friend Trish is a radio host. There is yelling and this was mediocre as a case of Jessica’s goes very badly.

Best Lines:
“You’re lying aren’t you?”

“She could be in a cult!”

“More track, Jesus, more track.”

“You destroyed my art.”

“She told me to sell it for rent.”

“Be good Roy.”
“Why start now?”

“I’ve never seen a dive bar this clean.”

“I don’t have any goddamn friends.”
“I’m shocked.”

“You know what he made me do.”

AKA  Crush Syndrome
Jessica wants to find Kilgrave the assulative party. The police are unfriendly and there is no moral message or immediacy. Kilgrave can cause extreme suggestibility in people. Luke Cage isn’t pleasant. Hope is locked up for what Kilgrave made her do. Jeri and co have drama, Trish is concerned and Jessica fears Kilgrave. Jessica projects and presents. This had no high-octane energy and facts are being sought. Jessica shrieks and Kilgrave is a life-ruiner. Jessica is not respected and this show has a heartfelt commitment to glacial pacing. Trish trains. Kilgrave lurks and has a weakness. Luke Cage has abs of steel and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“Any idea how a co-ed from Nebraska gets hold of a gun?”

“He knows now.”

“Don’t send strange men to my apartment with power tools.”

“People don’t like you?”

“Self respect! Get some!”

“I don’t do drama.”

“We don’t even do oral anymore.”

AKA It’s Called Whiskey
Who keeps photos of their loved ones in their medicine cabinets? People on this show that’s who. Jeri is nasty. Nobody wants to believe Kilgrave exists. This show doesn’t live up to its promise and it is not highly innovative. Kilgrave strikes. Jessica is an awful person. No-one finds it extremely concerning that a mind-controlling nut job is wandering around New York. Jessica murdered Luke Cage’s wife at Kilgrave’s command, I’m sure that won’t come out at the worst possible moment. Kilgrave is stalking Jessica. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“The big green dude and his crew.”

“Have you ever heard of a more made-up name than Kilgrave?”

“She’ll see that eventually.”

“No. Not good.”

“Wildly dangerous.”

“Morally compromised doctors.”

“You’re alive. Get off me.”
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