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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ trailer
Way too much Stark, Keaton and nerds. Mmmm.

Best Line:
“Forget the flying monster guy.”

‘Spectral’ trailer
What? Bruce Greenwood and a bunch of no-names star in this. What is in the city? Mmmm.

Best Lines:
“Figure out how to stop this.”

“Back away now.”

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ opening credits

‘Silence’ TV spot

‘Office Christmas Party’ TV spot

‘Ballerina’ TV spot

‘Viral’ trailer
Worm flu makes people sick and violent.

Salted caramel chocolate - okay.
Hazelnut praline chocolate - okay.
Almonds & Amaretto chocolate - okay.
Chocolate orange fudge - okay.
T.G.I Friday’s Crunchy Fries Extreme Heat - nice.
Free from gluten, wheat & milk Bramley Apple pie - good.
Free from wheat & gluten chocolate cake - nice.
Champagne - nice.

I won’t review ‘Blindspot’ 2x04 ‘If Beth’.

‘Bull’ looks crap.

Recall ‘Playschool’?

A feathered dinosaur tail was preserved in amber for 99 million years. ‘Jurassic Park’ was right!

‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’ Quote:
“The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Food control.”

“Nothing of concern.”

“A culture plan.”

“A blessing and a bargain.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Elusive diplomatic skills.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Judged us with their button eyes.”

“Angry farmers.”

“A sort of hippo thing.”

“A child-friendly vagrant,”

“A less offensive name.”

“Protecting his reputation.”

“Asks pathetically.”

“Great lucidity.”

“Carries out a pleasing traditional narrative.”

“Chroniclers of middle-class life.”

“War hysteria.”

“Erotically frustrated.”

“A baffling-and all consuming-”

“Rudely dispense with.”

“Not as jolly or as feeble as he seems to be.”

“Feeding into the narrative.”

“Invented the future.”

“An out-of-control anti-agenda.”

“We fall in love with a concept and basically ignore things that would undermine that concept.”

“Legal consequences.”

“Fact and opinion.”

“Medical tourism.”

“This didn’t exist as a biological entity 50 years ago,”

“An irreversible event of permanent consequence with unquantifiable results.”

“Everyone had let him down.”

“He couldn’t take acts of kindness.”

“The blows and the bites and the threats.”

“Put locks on doors in the house that never had locks before.”

“Self-appointed police of women’s behaviour.”

“Never met a war she didn’t like.”

“Suspended scepticism.”

‘Black-ish’ Quotes:
“Turn the damn TV off boy.”

“Tased 37 times.”

“Pretend we can’t hear things being shouted across the room.”

‘The Celts: Blood, Iron, And Sacrifice With Alice Roberts and Neil Oliver’ Quotes:
Mysterious island across the sea.”

“Last bastions of Celtic culture.”

‘Lusitania: 18 Minutes That Changed World War One’ Quote:
“The meat lift.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Maxine thinks Adam is a murderer. Grace is the murderer. Why is Leah in hospital? Kim lurks in the hospital. Doesn’t Esther need her anti-rejection meds? Why are the Osbournes hiding? Nick and Tegan and Eva bore. Tegan makes insulting statements. Nancy is sick. There is not sufficient comic material. Nick lurks. Maxine spews accusatory information and acts like a moron. Neeta lurks. This was innocuous. Kim and Esther have reunited. Leah needs a slap. Jack is a twit. Darren still has nice hair despite the fact the Osbournes are hiding out in a one room hideout.

Best Lines:
“He keeps doing it.”

“All my friends are gone!”

“I loved you!”

“You put me in A&E!”

“Don’t hurt me!”

“You stupid little cow!”
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