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The Flash 3x07 + Reign 3x16 + Arrow 3x07 + Gotham 2x12 Reviewed

Killer Frost
A new boring baddie who looks like a ‘Transformers’ reject bothers Barry. Cisco won’t listen. Iris just will not go away. Snow frosts out. Barry should be shunned and hated for his moral responsibility. Barry is fierce thick and it is enormously disturbing how thick he is and how Joe and Iris lick his ass. Cisco has thinly veiled contempt for HR. The script is not glistening prose. Joe whines.

There are dreadful circumstances as Snow is a shy, melancholy, unconfident character no more. Will Iris just GO AWAY? The new speedster is not quietly terrifying. People should stop having anything to do with selfish Barry. Joe is an ass with impunity. Barry is magnificently ungrateful for what he has. Snow takes the unprecedented step of going to the bad. Snow’s freeze breath is dumb. She menaces Julian (Tom Felton). There is no love in this story. Iris and Barry have an empty relationship. A new detective (Greg Grunberg) shows up. Snow takes obvious pleasure in her power. Barry lies and has no care or compassion.

Barry should be friendless and a pariah, but isn’t. This was directed by Kevin Smith. Nobody listens to HR. Barry assaults Julian and laughs it off. HR is not considered to be particularly valuable by anyone. Barry is an ass; Iris and Joe have an idealised image of him. How excluded Julian and HR are is sad. Snow stabs Barry with an icicle. Barry has no remorse for his terrible behaviour. Has he told anyone that Reverse Flash is alive and running around?

Cisco tells Barry he killed Dante and he can’t contain his animosity. Barry has less than savoury predications for selfishness. Snow is not collected, calm, reserved or stoic. Joe makes proclamations about his own brilliance. HR is bloody hopeless. Barry expects showers of praise after he arranged his life exactly how he wanted it, to hell with everyone else. Snow’s voice goes all echo-chamber for no clear reason and she is horrifyingly brilliant. Snow brings up Eddie and Ronnie.

Everything Snow says is extremely logical. Wally’s cocoon looks like plastic wrap and fishing net. Doesn’t Iris have a job? What became of fake Wells’ secret room? Where is Gideon? Iris kisses Barry’s ass and Joe is a moron. Wally has speed powers and Barry blames HR. One has head shaking resignation at Barry’s stupidity. Barry is nothing if not confident in his assery. Snow stops being evil because status quo is god. This does not defy preconceptions. Snow is easily forgiven except by Julian. Barry doesn’t get the response he expected from Cisco or Julian. Joe and Iris whine and will not stop licking Barry’s ass. Julian, for daring to critique Barry, is revealed as a baddie. Shame on TPTB. This was good but obvious.

Best Lines:
“You’re only a shadow beneath my throne.”

“I am a god, your god.”

“I can’t see it.”

“Maybe something else can.”

“Breaks its body down into enzymes.”

“I sense great fear in you.”

“That whom Alchemy serves.”

“Maybe it’s time you started fearing me.”

“They’re all crazy.”

“An uncommon one.”

“You did this.”

“I will harm you and your family.”

“Speed God.”

“You were glorious and powerful.”

“Vibe boy.”

“Everyone else be damned.”

“Sad and miserable lives.”

“Your moral compass is broken.”

“I want to see some killing.”

“Don’t you ever work?”

“Your outburst of emotion.”

“Not one of the friendly ones.”

“Friendship is more important than justice.”

Mary’s adversarial relationship with sense goes on. Mary, Narcisse and Bash are shipwrecked in Scotland. Mary’s army have scuttled off. Druids carry Bash off. Hoof and mouth disease is mentioned. Lola sneers. The Prince Of Denmark bothers Elizabeth. Claude screeches at Catherine, who has non-compliance with sense. She is purposefully awful. She carries out her insidious duties as regent. Charles has naivety and ignorance and is incapable. Charles plans manipulation, corruption and the loss of innocence.
There is a wicker man. Mary has an undercurrent of desperation. Is Bash going to be her Bothwell? Where is Lord Darnley? Charles goes on about The Phantom Brigade as he makes efforts to retake his place. This created no profound interest and was insufficient. Bash has brooding good looks but is undistinguished. Women have handbag hair. This doesn’t even occasionally hold one rapt. Season 3 has failed to fulfil. Charles is not a streetwise lad.

TPTB cause a constant erosion of interest. There is sap, bad acting and ridiculous dialogue. Mary makes more disastrous oversights. History is wildly distorted. Lola lies. Feelings are damaged and Lola has no noticeable gratitude. Elizabeth believes passionately and things go awry.

Best Lines:
“A thousand strides from here.”

“What the hell kind of country do you have here?”

“Morally corrosive.”

“A broken land.”

“Unhand our friend you savage!”

“She wants me to like her again.”

“Feckless youths.”

“I’ve heard universities can be hotbeds of ant-monarchism movements.”

The criminals of Star City must be wilfully naïve idiots. People train, Diggle bores and one recalls that Tommy’s loyalty to Oliver counted for nothing with Oliver in season 1. Oliver has commitment to purpose. He has forgotten his ‘great love’ for Laurel that he betrayed Tommy for. Felicity is not effortlessly charming. Artemis is obviously bad. There are more boring flashbacks to explain Oliver’s serious personality change.

A new vigilante has manic nastiness. Kovar has cold menace. Oliver is grating and frenetic. Reporter Susan (Carly Pope) annoys. Oliver whines bitterly, I recall how he was not interested in season 1 and neither was anybody else. Tommy has been forgotten by everyone. This ep was not done with an especially adept touch.

Who is that malevolent masked man? Oliver deserves untold woes. Vigilante relishes in the pain he inflicts. Thea emphatically whines, Quentin wallows in self pity and this wasn’t inspired. Diggle screeches, Artemis dresses like a streetwalker and Prometheus has to be zombie Tommy and not some random dude they made up. One laughs uproariously at the bad acting and dialogue. I have vacated interest in this show. Mediocrity is perpetuated. Oliver notes he’s being doing this for 4 years and the city has only got worse. Thea taunts, Quentin whines and impugns himself and Chase is not naturally able and diligent. This was not raw, riveting or relentlessly compelling.

Best Lines:
“Obsessive and really intense look.”

“As crazy as he is.”

“What is it with his city and serial killers?”

“Another psychotic in town.”

“Who are you meeting? Because we’re all here.”

“We’ll harass him instead of you.”

Mr Freeze
Oswald’s men have deserted him and he’s on the run. Dent and Barnes stare. There are unnecessary flashbacks. Ed bores and Mr Freeze (Nathan Darrow) fusses over his invalid wife. Barnes yells and this was unimpeded by quality. Nora the glamorous invalid sighs. Oswald ends up in Arkham. An annoying pharmacist annoys. There is bad acting and Hugo Strange shows up. There are jokes about Mr Freeze’s name. Bad things go on at Arkham - the stuff of horror. This show was all clamour and has deteriorated into a joke.

Best Lines:
“I’ll be back!”

“That’s what I’m going to choose to believe.”
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