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The Americans 4x08 + Supergirl 2x07 Reviewed

The Magic Of David Copperfield V: The Statue Of Liberty Disappears
Does Martha know her seduction was a calculated act? That she threw away sincerely held convictions and principles for an ungallant liar? Philip has guilt to assuage. Martha looks traumatised and has moral convulsions while Elizabeth is elegantly disinterested in her love rival’s dire state. Stupefied Stan is as stupid as possible. Gaad lurks. How little anyone cares about Martha is obvious. Philip and Elizabeth have no truth, authenticity, sensitivity or compassion. Elizabeth stares forlornly and is a harridan full of horribleness. The po-faced establishment Stan hangs out with Philip. Poor Martha used Philip as a gauge of her self-worth and for what?

Ostensibly kindly Philip is a jackass and ultimately destructive with his smarmy charms. Elizabeth thinks EST is a con/cult. Philip and Elizabeth have a fight and despise each other for disappointing each other. The carnival of lunatics have dicey engagements and simmering rage. Elizabeth yells at Paige. Everything braying fool Paige does is irritating. This was okay but not deeply poignant. One of Elizabeth’s friends has cracked and is full scale lamentation and as well as being suddenly full of regret.

This was not quite poignant but full of angst and trauma. 80s David Copperfield shows up on the TV. This was surprisingly earnest and there are agonising decisions and nasty responses and people are deeply vexed and filled with regret. There is glorious mayhem. Emotional needs are met and 7 months suddenly pass. Gaad’s be fired but he is still in a grimy unpleasant mood. Paige is distraught, which is gratifying.

Best Lines:
“Is Paige home?”

“Very American.”

“Are you really asking me that?”

“Not you Comrade.”

“You can’t lose sight of who these people are.”

The Darkest Place
Mon-El fancies Kara or something. Kara is unfailingly eager to please. James has rebellious excitement at being a vigilante. There is no primal angst. Maggie lurks like a bad smell; she has no appealing features just insolence. CADMUS carries out a cunning plan. The sometimes disastrous season 2 may be improving. Mon-El is a spent force and has no dignity or humility. Snapper Carr resurfaces and James is incensed at another vigilante.

CADMUS has Mon-El in their malevolent grip and make boast of their wickedness. J’onn changes and the real Hank resurfaces and babbles about his glorious purpose as Cyborg Superman. Real Hank has taken against Kara. Winn won’t behave in a manner befitting an adult. Real Hank is surly. There are no nuanced emotions. Alex is stupefied by Winn’s stupidity. Why does everyone lie to Kara? There is no realistic focus. Mon-El is a dedicated, delicate champion of assery.

WTF is Nth metal? The instinctive reaction to Alex is eye rolling. CADMUS is consistently nasty. And Brenda Strong is playing Lillian Luthor. She recognises Kara and wails about her beloved son being betrayed by Superman. She’s an ex-clex fan. One has a revocation of interest in Maggie. Mon-El has vital information to impart which he doesn’t. Lillian is in impassioned mode. She mocks and provokes and has a betrayal instinct. The truculent Mon-El is unattractive and selfish. There is a grudging sense of achievement with this ep. Why are we bereft of Max Lord? Are TPTB going to pretend he doesn’t exist? CADMUS is Lillian’s social revenge. This was okay if not keenly observed.

Kara harbours no awareness. James fumes about his great infamy and defamation. J’onn learns M’Gann is a White Martian and is unwelcoming to this news. He bawls her out in gratifying fashion. Mon-El is less circumspect and Lillian believes passionately in Sueprman’s awfulness. Anyone who watched ‘Smallville’ agrees. Mon-El has secrets. Nobody cares. Kara is saved by her foster dad (Dean Cain).

Mon-El is false and untrue. Lillian’s deadly enmity goes on. Does foster dad have sinister reasons to ‘help’ Kara? Is M’Gann really desperately insecure? M’Gann is apologetic and J’onn learns something terrible. This had no savage viscerality, Alex does sexualised goading, nobody has sincere concern, nobody is warm or grateful and there is roundly ridiculed VFX. Alex is testy and good prevails for now. One can barely comprehend any hint of a season long arc, interest has been revived in this show, nobody is unmistakably likeable and Mon-El minimises his awfulness. Turbulent times are ahead and social programming leads to a stubborn belief in completely erroneous heroic ideals. Lillian has a strong will and strange and ill-defined wider diversions. Foster dad made anecdotal claims and one wants to see more of him.

Best Lines:
“I wonder if she knows.”

“Halt or you will be disintegrated.”

“That screams sidekick.”

“I’ve seen every season of ‘Oz’!”

“I don’t kill.”
“Maybe you should.”

“That thing from Mars stole my life.”

“Superman convinced the world that Lex was evil.”
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