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Book Review: Uhura's Song

Star Trek The Original Series: Uhura’s Song by Janet Kagan
This 1989 novel is a grindingly slow Mary-Sue mess, unparalleled in its abject failure. This is allegedly popular and has 2 unpublished sequels. But it is incomprehensibly stupid. Despite her name being in the title, Uhura is not the focus instead Kagan’s Mary-Sue character Evan Wilson is on every damn page. She misbehaves, defies orders, takes over McCoy’s job, charms everyone, does everything and gets away with it all. This is not even tolerant reasonable camp just bloody awful. The plotting is forced, ideas are copycatted and Evan Wilson and her tawdry chatter is sanctified.

Alien space cats get what seems to be aggressive ringworm so Kirk and co must find the cure via a folk song. McCoy is left behind so Evan Wilson can sneer and brazenly state lies while causing considerable annoyance and disruption. McCoy does little in this novel, not even his usual sneering while firing out derogatory one-liners. Evan Wilson lives large and disincentives one from caring. She has pious authoritarianism and this mess is an overwhelming case for why Kagan should never be allowed to write another Trek novel (she hasn’t thank God).

The gang face no obstacle, turmoil or threat on their ‘perilous’ journey. There are no long, arduous, daunting challenges as everyone has mass euphoria over the brusque Evan Wilson. This is buffered from reality as Evan Wilson launches constant attacks on peoples personalities, has phoney outrage, is wretched and corrupt, does carefully calibrated provocations and is quite obnoxious in her rambunctious disingenuousness. And Kirk just laughs it all off while ignoring McCoy nearly dying.

The plot makes no sense on even a vague bias, the Prime Directive is violated and Evan Wilson gets away with her ego wank. This was empty, disappointing and completely bogus. People are barely sketched as characters and it is strange, incongruous and peculiar that this got past the slush pile. This is the worst Trek novel that I can possibly image. Yes even worse than ‘Provence of Shadows’.

Best Lines:
“That pointy-eared menace to mental stability.”

“Why would you come after all this time?”

“Blew it up his nose.”
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