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Numb3rs Season 3 eps 8&9 Reviews

A baseball player dies and a snotty teenager may have created a maths formula that explains the murder. Charlie finds himself mentoring the snotty teenager while Don broods over the baseball career he could have had. Colby mutters some anti-steroid moralising. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"I almost get shot and you guys respond by doing a lot of math."

"All I see is a lot of chalk, um, are the numbers supposed to start glowing at some point?"

Waste Not
A sinkhole opens up in a school playground and reveals the secrets of a evil corporation. Meanwhile the intensely annoying Mildred Finch takes over at CalSci and she annoys Charlie, Larry and Amita out of their ruts. Larry babbles and acts mentally ill. Charlie and Amita have more of their dull relationship drama, wasn't she supposed to move in with Charlie at one point. Whatever happened to that? This was okay, how is Larry still employed? He is insane.
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