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Blindspot 2x03 Review

Hero Fears Imminent Riot
This had no focus or excellence. Mayfair’s photo is taken down. There is no quiet intensity. Sandstorm have dark ways and disrespect for social order. There is no smug confidence or world weary sarcasm. Jane learns her previous self was a horrible person. There is death and yelling. NSA chick has genuine frustration. The shrink has secrets; do we have faith in his character as a person? This was not exceptional. People make complete tools of themselves. This had no lyricism or imagery. Kurt yells and Jane’s mad brother makes dumb threats. This was terrible and I thinking about dropping it. I hate these malignant narcissists.

Best Lines:
“Your maniac brother.”

“We’re trying to send a message aren’t we?”
“I think we sent it.”

“Not blowing you off.”

“People who aren’t from America, speak other languages.”
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