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The Flash 3x06 + Reign 3x15 + Arrow 5x06 + Gotham 2x11 Reviewed

Joe and Barry are selfish jerks who treat Wally with typical distain and undermine his ambitions. Cisco whines that HR doesn’t please him enough. HR is a moron. Julian sneers. Barry and Joe still have no better insight into their crap. I felt no heartfelt commitment to this. Sense is all but disregarded. We get a vision of Vibe and Killer Frost waving their hands at each other. People are bad liars. TPTB consistently refuse to make good episodes. Barry has no sense of responsibility for his acts. Cisco is an arse. This was not a sublime fusion. Old crap is retrod. Snow wants her ice powers secret but no go. I felt loathing for this p.o.s. HR is told Wells is regarded as a gross old man, they don’t care that an innocent dead man’s rep is ruined. Cisco bores and another evil speedster shows up.

Best Lines:
“Is there any stopping it?”

“He said that name?”

“Because, why?”

“I don’t know science.”

“The cold kind.”

“This husk problem.”

“Whatever you desire, I will see it so.”

“Take your power.”

Safe Passage
A cover up of the mass poisoning is attempted, badly. Mary rejects Bash. She is the absolute worst. She is the Lana Lang/Laurel Lance/Felicity of this show. There is a mention of Margot and the younger ones being elsewhere. WHERE? Lola snoops. Delphine is to be the new court seer. Bash refers to the Heart Killer with all seriousness. Man this show is dumb. Mary still won’t leave. This was not oddly charming. Bash is remarkably fickle. The unlikely personage of the friendly neighbourhood serial killer lurks and prances. Mary has no inner drive to return to her own damn country.

Delphine has a lack of silence. Catherine and her serial killer boytoy get kinky. There is a cacophony of dumb. There is bad acting and this was not significant. Furs are worn. There is ridiculous dialogue and the characters are sad little lowlifes. Catherine rants about revolution. Things are not sustainable. Narcisse had a son? I’d forgotten. This show is not a true rendition of Mary’s life.
Mary has no discretion. Narcisse has curt responses. Gideon is consistently stupid. Catherine sneers. There is a mention of Kenna.

Mary still won’t leave. Lola is dumb. Delphine is killed off; bitch should have seen that coming! This was dumb in unprecedented ways. Charles rants. Bash kills someone while gurning and Mary is the height of folly. Bash finally learns what happened to his mommy and yells and throttles Catherine and resigns and screeches and stomps off. This was wildly historically inaccurate. He and Narcisse head off with Mary. But before he left Bash reveal Catherine’s vileness to Charles and Claude. Oh ha ha ha ha HA!

Best Lines:
“Who will believe that now?”

“Now I’m leaving alone.”

“He’ll like that part.”

“Isn’t your burden.”

“My purpose lies elsewhere.”

“I’ll let you do it.”

“Sailing into a hostile nation.”

“As queens of separate nations.”

So It Begins
Oliver is Mayor. How? A bad guy named Prometheus rampages; I am convinced that he is zombie Tommy. It HAS to be Tommy Merlyn. Oliver has sidekicks. Flashbacks show Oliver joining the Russian mob and meeting Kovar (Dolph Lungren). Felicity won’t shut her fat mouth. Her code name is Overwatch? Diggle has a light in his special ed helmet? There is dramatic fire writing. A reporter (Carly Pope) snoops.

Thea whines. Lance lurks. Did Thea ever graduate high school? Why has Oliver still not turned Malcolm in? Lane is deputy mayor and a drunk. The Green Arrow just wanders into a crime scene and chats up Chase, the deputy DA. Diggle is selfish and unreasonable. Felicity baby talks. The recruits learn Oliver is a killer. Thea snots. Artemis is snotty. Dolph is old. Metal has genetics apparently. There is a Lance misdirect and this was good.

Best Lines:
“You must be like sponge.”

“I will stop helping.”

“He’s going to end you.”

“So what begins?”

“I failed chemistry in high school. Twice.”

“Reminded me, as he does.”

“Show him your respect.”

Worse Than A Crime
Theo and co babble madly. Alfred hides in a trash dump. Gordon hangs out with Nygma and Penguin. Nathan Darrow has a tiny cameo has Mr Freeze. Theo and Tabitha have issues. Alfred is dismissed as a manservant. Silver and Bruce bore. Barnes snots and assumes the worst intentions. Lee annoys. I’d no incentive to care. This was limiting. Lucius is unimpressed by Nygma. I was discouraged from caring. Mad monks attack. Tabitha and Silver turn on Theo. Penguin and Gordon murder Theo. There is a tasteless sight gag involving a weaponised umbrella. So what is going on at Indian Hill with Professor Strange? Do I care? No, not really.

Best Lines:
“I apologise for that.”

“See you round.”
“I hope not.”

“Under the control of bad people.”
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