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Quantico 1x20-1x22 + The Americans 4x07 + Supergirl 2x06 Reviewed

People need to pay very dearly. Alex has an unsavoury reputation. Ryan has a boundless ego and a hostile response. Caleb has barbed tired wit.  Ryan is a vociferous ass and has an extreme motivation to harm Alex. She is dispirited and disillusioned. Is Ryan evilly disposed? Who is the arch traitor? Iris issues threats, Drew returns and there is dysfunction, disconnection, uncertainty and narcissism.

Where did Drew get a nuclear fuel core? There is villanising and weasel words. Ryan has disgraceful ignorant stupidity. Flashbacks show the NATs doing work experience. Alex is sad (bless) about Ryan’s possibly malevolent nature. There is a fight and Ryan needs to die. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“How much do you think this rusticated bench will go for?”

“They are years away from being a threat.”

“He got shot for me. Twice.”

“What’s a post office?”

“I’m pretty sure that computer’s on fire. Then again I have been hallucinating a lot lately.”

“They’ll blame China.”

“I love her and her parents don’t.”

“You’re not fooling me again.”

“I believe you.”
“That’s nice for a change.”

“I’ll handle the consequences.”

SHUT UP Ryan. Shelby turned on her parents. Claire shows up. Kelly Rutherford lurks. There are reveals and whining. Lord I detest Ryan. There are so many pop culture references. The media are idiots. Alex learns what drove her dad to drink. Drew and Simon are in peril. There is another precipitous fall from grace planned. Nobody contemplates ones sins. This was not meaty or painfully contemporary. Caleb is a joke. I watched this ep with outraged incredulity. Reputations are tossed into the gutter. There is hostility and suspicion and another bomb. In flashback Alex and Shelby have their rift. Alex is a bit inept. Things are explained, there is death and the big bad is revealed.

Best Lines:
“Watching you and dad play the Underwoods all day is enough for me.”

“No I’m not and no-one ever will.”

“They zero you out.”

There are flashbacks as to how the big bad did it: learning secrets, the 1st bombing, recruiting poor dim Elias, setting up Alex’s flat, shooting Ryan and Alex getting stuffed into the bag and ditched at ground zero. A background item shows that Alex is a Hindu. Will is alive? Shelby is back in the FBI, Alex saves the day but gets fired and uncovers the big bad’s partner setting up season 2.

Some people live, another person dies and Henry Czerny of ‘Revenge’ and ‘The Tudors’ shows up as the head of the CIA. This had no visceral effectiveness. Claire is now VP. So how will the show deal with Trump being the real life POTUS? Grievances are expressed. The big bad has no considered reactions just smug emboldement. This was potent and ill-omened drama. There is no reputable clarity. Where is Sita? Alex is insufficiently horrified about a few things. Miranda’s son is dead. There is another frame up exposed. There is death and heroic sacrifice. There is no psychological drama or insightful examinations but I enjoyed this.

What became of Brandon? Shelby is awful. Where is Iris? The CIA wants Alex to work for them. Liam’s daughter shows up. Things come full circle. There is a motive rant about unresolved grievances and considerable stress and arrogant disregard and deep resolve. This was good, I’ll watch season 2.

Best Lines:
“Nobody gets hurt.”
“Except you.”


“Turned vengeful.”

“You made me do this.”

“You asked me not to count. A lot.”

“I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done.”

“You made a great scapegoat Alex.”

“You still love America and you think it loves you back. But it doesn’t. Never did.”

Travel Agents
The FBI ransack Martha’s place even checking her tampax and melting her ice with a hairdryer. Philip and Elizabeth look for Martha. What is Borscht? Martha tantrums, Elizabeth has faux sincerity and there is painful intensity. Philip does feel an emotional connection to Martha. Henry and Matthew watch Calvin Klein’s jeans ad with Brooke Shields on TV. Martha was too sexual, too mad and too loud for the cold fish-eyed FBI. Martha is hunted. Nobody has even handedness, reasonabless or niceness.

Who is just and righteous? A period of crisis passes. This was an improvement on the previous joyless grind of season 4. There is an air of jeopardy as grim reality hits Martha. She’s wearier. Philip aka Mikhail is contemptible. Matthew, Paige and Henry do not have a happy healthy home. Martha is wretched and unconnected. The loyal adherents see things fragment and blow apart. Dark and menacing Philip tells Elizabeth he loves her with a cold stare. Gaad is stunned and there is no moral management. Martha faces a lonely exile and this was good.

Best Lines:
“She likes watching the panda cubs.”

“Did a cemetery walk.”

“Some version of the truth that’s not very true.”

“There’s nowhere to go.”

“She needs that hope.”

“Martha is married to a KGB officer.”

“They seduced and married my secretary.”

“I don’t speak Russian.”
“They’ll teach you.”

Charlie Wood bores, Brenda Strong bores and Kara has appalling emotional simplicity. I don’t care about Maggie and Alex. This is dramatically inferior to season 1. ‘The Thing’ is ripped off. There is PC ranting about global warming. There is no creative path. This judiciously avoids sense. The DEO are morons. There is no Maxwell Lord or Lena. This was insipid listless boring solidity. ‘The X Files’ ep ‘Ice’ is ripped off.

William Mapother runs around and acts like a wayward heir on a drug bender. Kara has a keen sense of destiny. This was dire. Kara isn’t utterly charming despite what TPTB think. James is treated as an annoyance. James and Winn rant. They’re inherently different to season 1. Chris Wood plays a spoilt and wilful brat. Interest is rescinded. Alex confronts people.

Kara always has to be jollier than anyone else. Alex’s chief obsession is getting a plaything for her lady parts. Chris Wood plays a brat and people have constant complaints about his awfulness. Alex does something dumb. Chris Wood’s character deserves hostility and is one of the insurmountable hurdles to quality this season. James dons a stupid supersuit to do heroics. Martian blood is red, James gets a dumb hero name and Chris Wood is dragged into a van. I just did not care. This was unwatchable.

Best Lines:
“Flirt drinking.”

“What the hell survives 5,000 years in ice?”

“Less better.”
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