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Book Reviews: Troublesome Minds + From Dead To Worse

Star Trek: Troublesome Minds by Dave Galanter

The 'Star Trek' book publishers really dropped the ball with the release of the movie. It's a huge success but the book publishers haven't done any tie-in books other than a bad novelization and a crappy graphic novel. Would it have killed them to reprint some out of print favourites? They did absolutely nothing to cash in on the Trek reboot, all they've done lately is publish a succession of bad novels too bogged down in their own continuity. And then there is the fact, it's difficult enough to find Trek novels in bookstores. Sometimes there is one shelf, sometimes half a shelf.

This book will only add to the novel lines woes. It features Kirk and co stumbling onto a telepathic race and screwing things up. The Enterprise rescues Berlis, an extremely annoying ultra powerful telepath who has the ability to cause his entire plant to become slaves to his whims. Now Kirk has to fix the problem of the annoying Berlis. This novel is dull, stupid, badly written, full of po-faced moralising and Berlis is annoying. This book was twaddle, which is not what the Trek novels need right now.

From Dead To Worse (Sookie Stackhouse #8) by Charlaine Harris

The 8th in the Sookie series is a letdown, it's too bitty and mostly setup for later novels. Harris annoying gives us every mundane detail of Sookie's life while rushing game changing events past the reader in rapid succession.

The book is something like this: Sookie goes to a wedding. Her boyfriend is missing! Sookie heats up her curling tongs. The Vampire Queen is dead, long live the Vampire King! Sookie meets a long lost relative. The weres are at war! Sookie shops. Sookie has a hex put on her stalker! Sookie has way too many men panting after her. Sookie's brother's marriage descends into something Maury would be too ashamed to put on his show! Sookie meets another long lost relative. A vampire goes all axe crazy in a parking lot! Various people find new ways to dislike Sookie. Someone tries to kill Sookie, yet again!

There are too many big plot explosions in this book and not enough time is given to them. 'From Dead to Worse' just comes across as a set-up novel and it is all the weaker for that. I like the Sookie novels and this was the first one I've been truly disappointed in. Still there is the 9th Sookie novel and the DVD of season 1 of 'True Blood' to look forward to.
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