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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Exorcist’ 1x05 clip
Geena Davis and her bad cosmetic surgery emotes. This has a very similar look to the movie. Her mother shows up and I have to watch this.

Best Lines:
“I ran away from all that.”

“Like a name would protect me.”

“It wasn’t done with me. It’s coming for me.”

“My name is Regan MacNeil.”

‘Timeless’ promo
I’ll review this.

‘Back To The Beach’ (1987) promo

‘Disappearance’ (2002) promo
Dull weirdness.

‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ promo

‘The Edge Of Seventeen’ promo

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ promo

Butter fudge with maple syrup - nice.
Gluten free pepperoni pizza - not bad.
Ben & Jerry Wholly Couch - okay.
Sriracha hot chilli sauce - yum.
Original Irish Porter cheddar - bland.
Spicy Butternut & Red Pepper soup - okay.
Dark single origin roasted spice hazelnuts & Wexford honey choc - yum.
Passionfruit and raspberry yogurt alternative - okay.

I did not like the ‘Star Trek’ book ‘Rebels’ saga or the ‘New Earth’ saga. I’m iffy on the 1996 ‘Invasion’ saga.

I won’t review ‘Underwater!’ as I slept through it.

Chris Noth is old and I didn’t know he was on ‘Hill Street Blues’.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Both disturbing and objectionable.”

“The ability - or lack thereof-”

“Was irrevocable.”

“Potentially volatile.”

“Trenchant criticism.”

“Negatively impacted the public’s trust of what they should believe.”

“Stimulate appetite and satiety.”

“Christmas is heavily associated with scent.”

“Evokes nostalgic memories.”

“Aroma memory.”

“An ignorance of some basics.”

“An irrational fear of chemicals.”

“Rants and antics to be mocked and vilified.”

“For daring to suggest.”

“Motivational bait.”

“Eternal plaything of a despotic home invader.”

“Bury my reputation.”

“Move along the narrative.”

“Biodynamic vegetable farm.”

“Trapped in the house whether they wanted to be or not.”

“The forces that conspire to keep them there.”

“Will not want for romantic attention.”

“Loosening of societal norms.”

“Tyranny in weakness.”

“Gets ignored a lot,”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“The hussies.”

“Sick twisted scumbag.”

‘Swordhunt’ Quote:
“All you’ll be good for is being dropped on people we don’t like.”

‘Futurama’ Quote:
“The barking snakes.”

'The Simpsons': Quotes:
“With rain baggie.”

“Punch in belly.”

“Have we ever been in a police car?”
“Not in the front.”

“Officer Sniffy.”

‘Dreadnought!’ Quote:
“Generations dead.”

‘Xena Warrior Princess’ Quote:
“And you Brutus?”
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