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The Flash 3x05 + Reign 3x14 + Gotham 2x10 Reviewed

Barry mooches off Cisco. As for Cisco, he doesn’t like HR. Snow visits her awful bitch mother. HR annoys and this was not a serious or urgent situation. Julian complains about Barry’s wildly unprofessional behaviour. Barry is a bastion of awfulness. This ep was all ineptitude. Barry actions have utterly eviscerated people’s personalities. Barry never ruminates on his awfulness and has no sense of shame.

HR is from Earth 19. Iris sticks her nose in. Barry is contentedly awful. I think I had unrealistic hopes for season 3. This show and ‘Supergirl’ may be a spent force. This was tenuous. Snow’s mom has no esteem or affection for her. HR wears a dumb hat and mutters. Snow’s mother is not gravely concerned. There is no cold shiver of realisation that Snow could be this year’s big bad. A monster walks. Julian has a gun. Snow shows off her Killer Frost. Joe lectures. Cisco, Iris, Barry and Snow whine. Everyone worships at the altar of Barry’s sweaty jock. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“That disgraced quack.”

“Called ‘Sweaty Men’.”

“He didn’t really do anything did he?”

“You’ve been burned. Twice.”

“You’re just going to have to accept that.”

“Shaded the truth.”

To The Death
Elizabeth has a wildly inaccurate dream of her mother’s execution. Lola snoops. Catherine has no moral authority and she needs money as a matter of urgency. Why isn’t Mary back in Scotland? This unsettling period in history is all soap. Mary is told to go home to Scotland. She is the thing that wouldn’t leave. Bash and Mary share scenes.

Mary has unreal expectations for herself. Greer recalls her husband but not her stepchildren. Elizabeth has a portrait of her father and mutters about his jubilee. She plots against Lady Beatrice, who did not exist. Robert Dudley lurks. Elizabeth is predisposed to vengeance, Narcisse gets his shirt off and Catherine stomps. Greer’s husband is rescued from his oubliette. He doesn’t mention his children either. Women didn’t have bags in the 16th century as such. Nobody cares where Kenna is.

Charles hangs out at a casino. There are modern day attitudes to security. There is drama and Elizabeth’s long standing conviction about her mother’s innocence is shattered. This turns into a fight club episode at one point. Lola makes baseless assertions. Elizabeth is wiser than Mary. Lola is exasperatingly stupid. Francis’ bastard is in England - as if the Valois would let that happen.

This was good, the first good ep in ages. Greer and her husband reunite and she immediately demands he be a father to her unborn bastard child. He is browbeaten into it and they head off together. Bash tells Mary he’ll go to Scotland with her because he loves her still. There is poisoning and suspicion and people rationalise their own bad behaviour.

Best Lines:
“Saving her life and her rule.”

“Sexual mishap.”

“Like a Queen men would die for.”

“You might want to consider other incentives.”
“You mean whores.”

“He cast aside his first wife to make her his Queen.”

“When she only gave him me. He had no more use for her. Or her head.”

“Smile in the face of her butchers.”

“I risk losing my throne if I so much as mention my mother’s name.”

“Filth hurling peasants.”

“Stay indoors during tax season.”

“So much is about to change.”

“A new one even for me.”

“Coming from her bag attached to your hand.”

“Henry wanted her gone.”

“Look deep in your heart for that ember.”

“I lose everyone I love.”

The Son Of Gotham
Bruce is not eminently lovable and is not worthy of Alfred’s life long devotion. This was abrasive and poisonous. Theo smugs. Gordon looks into the Order of St Dumas. Bruce tricks Silver and pants after Selina. Silver is a miserable insecure shrew. This had dumb tone and content. Nygma, Lee and Penguin bore. People deliver exposition. This was incidental and unequivocally dumb. There is bad acting and nobody is kind. There is no optimism this show will improve. I feel a curtailment of interest. Silver is malignant. Theo’s forehead vein throbs. Everyone is an irredeemable ass.

Best Lines:
“High end rub and tug joint.”

“Career hoods.”

“What did you put down it?”

“Every person you love will die screaming.”
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