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Book Review: The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 17, part 1

The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 17 edited by Stephen Jones, part 1

The Decorations
No unsettling effect is present in this tale of a young boy and the distorting effects of his grandmother’s delusions. This was inconsistent frivolity.

Black And Green And Gold
A qualifiedly inferior tale of exposition dumping about Hungary and something else. This was pretty risible and bizarrely and strangely pointless.

I Live With You And You Don’t Know It
A creepy tale of a repugnant stalker. This is an okay chilling cautionary tale.

Best Line:
“I leave your underwear (which I wore) on the bathroom floor,”

The Cubist’s Attorney
There is no emotional wellbeing as the lawyer for a dead artist meets the flighty illogical ciphers that are the heirs. This was a grating, irritating nonsensical mess.

All Fish And Dracula
Goths visit Whitby and the dead walk. This was okay with a neat twist.

The Ball Room
A mishap in a ballpit. I made a serious attempt to find favourable things to say about this. But there aren’t any.

By Tim Pratt. A woman and child fall prey to rich cannibals. This was morally awful.

A tale of a man and his pig. Things get in the way of rational decisions and this had no vim and vigour.

An office worker has bad things happen to him. This leaves you dissatisfied.
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