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Quantico 1x08-1x15+My Mother And Other Strangers 1x02+The Americans 4x06+Supergirl 2x05 Reviewed

Liam so wants to be Tommy Lee Jones. Ryan and Alex are the hunted. Charlie is a bad lot. Liam has male pride. Clayton and Shelby are morose. There is no sense of impending doom. Clayton is hacked. Caleb is an ass. This was wholly unsatisfactory and was not emotionally challenging. This was not a potent study. There are revelations. Despite being a fugitive, Alex does not have hobo hair. Caleb’s trysts with Shelby are vehemently boring. He’s a cynical opportunist. Charlie is brought to work by Miranda. Alex comes to a decision. What is Caleb up to?

Best Lines:
“I urge you to impress them.”

“Look around at your future.”

“We stopped it. Can you?”

“There’s only one way this ends.”

“They made sure legally nobody could use that word.”

Alex is locked up. Someone attacked Miranda. There are no displays of empathy. Why did Ryan stay at Quantico? This was not pleasantly innovative. Natalie lurks. Elias resurfaces as Alex’s lawyer and he has defensive vindictiveness. Anne Heche guest stars and shows off her bad cosmetic surgery. She was so pretty on ‘Another World’. Heavies have an attritional and combative tone. This show was critic confounding. Caleb is all repellence. Alex has ennui as she is menaced by the head heavy (Oded Fehr).

Alex faces a great deal of ill-will. Clayton’s wife is a senator. Why are Shelby and Simon locked up? There is non-compliance with logic. Alex deals with constant hostility and is not in a safe situation. This was not profound. Alex faces extremity. The head heavy has a reputation for intensity. People lack in innately suspicious ways. Natalie is liable to tantrums. One has enthused fascination. Alex has a protective instinct. This warrants and commands seriousness. Ryan is an ass. Simon kicks off a destructive conflagration of events. Where is Charlie? Ryan sulks. Simon faces withering criticism. There are reveals and this was good.

Best Lines:
“It went ignored.”

“They could break The Rock.”

“What do you want, little man?”

“You didn’t believe me. So I found somebody who did.”

The narrative backbone of the show changes. Simon is a pariah. Caleb is an ass. Natalie’s fake scar is noticed. Simon faces judgmental glances. Mark Ghanime shows up for ONE SCENE as an FBI agent. Shelby learns her ‘sister’ is a catfish. Natalie explains her fake scar. This was insightful. Simon spews justifications, but makes hateful statements and gets kicked out. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Bad guys don’t take turns.”

“Who vetted us?”

“So ‘Jump Street’.”

The DNC takes place in NY. Alex faces jail. Natalie sings badly. Elias wails and Simon is a suspect. There are flashbacks to past fun. Simon rants and there is a reveal. Clayton’s wife (Marcia Cross) shows up. Ryan and Alex’s drama goes on. This whole sitch is a sandbox for their personal drama. Someone is looked at in a disapproving way so someone self silences. Caleb berates his mommy. There is a Trump mention. Ryan’s bitch ex-wife shows up to annoy. Shelby and Caleb have MORE drama. Is Caleb the big bad? There is a cliffhanger and this was good.

Best Lines:
“Princess peach.”

“Oh god, what has he done?”


3 month have passed and Alex is not a jail but has been exonerated. Clayton was killed in the 2nd bombing. There is implacable moral condemnation. Alex is relentless. This has indefinable charm. Charlie is belligerent. Alex is on trauma leave. Episodes 1-11 took place to 4 days. Someone else is blamed. Shelby is slut shamed. There is a hearing and Ryan shows up to whine. Alex is billy no mates. Ryan bitches and moans. How I HATE him. Horrible other NATs show up. Alex feels incomprehension and despair. Ryan’s disaffection bores. There are enormous social consequences to the FBI’s ineptitude. Alex is hated in the nation. Brandon lurks and ‘Sherlock’ is ripped off. This was okay.

Alex and Natalie work together. A NAT has Hollywood autism. Ryan’s bitch ex-wife lurks. Who is the malevolent presence? Natalie wanders around the FBI strapped to a bomb a nobody notices. Shelby falls victim to another con. Ryan is an arse and is demeaning and accuses Alex of doing nothing but limiting him. Alex uncovers a connection between a NAT and Liam’s past screw up. Caleb is a jerk. There is death and Liam fancies Alex. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Don’t answer that down here.”

“Even I couldn’t save you from that.”

Things get ‘Fast & Furious’. The twins have issues. What is Caleb up to? None of the NATs seem to have moral or ethical constraints. Alex isn’t listened to. Simon has gone all mad mountain man. He and Alex are cracking up. Alex can hunt? There is snow and Liam tells tales and Charlie screeches. Liam is shamed. Somebody else almost gets thrown out but isn’t. Liam and Alex hooked up. Caleb is horrible and this was oh so serious.

Best Lines:
“That would imply interest on my part.”

“We both know how that ended.”

“Everything’s wrong.”

“Shut up Alex!”

“Says the guy who was living in ‘The Revenant’.”

Ryan’s bitchy ex has bullishness and annoying assertiveness. Alex is the FBI’s most unwanted. Iris is smug. Ryan’s ex makes Alex the focus of her resentment. She has an arrogant outlook and offers no consideration, support or respect. She has no authority or seriousness. She just has a brazen demeanour. There is an attack on Quantico. Nobody has experience or competence. There is death, Shelby learns something awful and Caleb’s mommy is increasingly irritating. There is painfully serious tragedy.

Best Lines:
“I’m right about a lot of things.”

“Full crash.”

“Create cause.”

My Mother And Other Strangers 1x02
Gentleman callers visit in this pitiful ep. This show was intensely unambitious and an empty vessel. The mother, Rose, smugs. This lacks focus. This was turgidly awful, aimless, self-reverential and was wholly uncompelling. Rose lectures in court in an eel stealing case. Rose has ingratitude to her husband. This was appalling.

Best Lines:
“I was not resisting!”

“Reel that woman in would you!”

The Rat
Stan is on to Martha. This is the endgame for Martha. Elizabeth comforts Martha. Stan closes in. Dylan Baker’s character says he had a wife who was ‘sent back’. Gaad shows up. Martha storms off and this was so very dull.

Best Lines:
“It eats you up what we do.”


“I know what you are.”

“That’s not going to happen.”

“Really want to do that again.”

“You’ll return a hero.”
“In a coffin.”

“You promised me this would never happen.”

“Were you going to tell me?”

“Don’t kill the dream.”

“I think Martha’s bad.”

I had no internal contentment from this. Mon-El has a complete ignorance of human norms. James has no purpose. There are no intense confrontations and this was not even a mild joust. Cracker ass Kara is owned. Brenda Strong is Lena’s mommy. Kara does a gun control rant. I will not forgive TPTB for this crap. Winn is a pathetic egomaniac. This was violently disconnected from sense. Who cares about Alex’s sexual proclivities? This was particularly annoying and lacked nuance, subtlety or comic timing. Nobody has stoic resolve and it ends portentously.

Best Lines:
“I don’t know what any of those words mean.”


“Bribery coffee.”

“Pay the price in fear and blood.”

“Moulding public perception.”

“Spoiled rich brat.”

“No such thing as a good Luthor.”
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