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Book Reviews: Cemetery Dance + 3 others

Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Pendergast and D’Agosta look into murder, zombies and a cult. Pendergast is excessively prideful and D’Agosta is the ill-used Watson. This is a good tale of rumour panic, man fighting and misguided prevailing presumptions. This has no emotional emphasis and Pendergast demands fealty that he does not return.

Best Lines:
“Did you report it to the police?”
“What the hell do you think I’m doing now?”

“The zombiis are after you,”

“A bunch of murderous squatters.”

“I think Vincent might need your help - and need it rather badly.”

“A testament to the utter futility of higher education.”

“This wasn’t the first time Vinnie’s association with Pendergast had ended in disaster - for Vinnie, of course.

“The new Donald Trump.”

Bride Of The Rat God by Barbara Hambly
This 1995 novel is weak.

Thread That Binds The Bones by Nina Kiri Hoffman
This 1995 novel is okay.

Doom by John Shirley
A bad novelisation of a bad movie.
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