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Why did Liam want Alex to quit Quantico? Ryan and Natalie are a couple. Liam and his boss yell. Caleb is still belligerent. Why aren’t the NATs trained in murder solving or white collar crime? Alex uncovers the fact that Shelby’s company is linked to the bombing. Simon may have extremist links. Alex is begrudging and uneasy. Shelby and Alex have a confrontation. They’re not friends anymore. There was a lack of excitement in this ep. Alex is belligerent. Miranda’s son was radicalised and she wants him to stay in jail. There is a standoff and a fight. Elias is onto the Simon. There are more hints about Alex’s father. Liam is an arse and Ryan looks like Sullivan Stapleton.

Best Lines:
“Chaos of crisis.”

“He left Quantico in disgrace.”

“I don’t feel the need to be lectured by the man who trained the woman we’re all chasing.”

“I’m not even on you yet?”

“I teach the people who find people.”

“Just like the coffee I always see you make but never drink.”

Alex is called Jihadi Jane, Bomb-shell and terror babe by the media. This is not nuanced but is fascinating. Sita yells, Miranda plots and Simon has secrets. Alex has supreme competence. Caleb sneers at Shelby. There’s a shoot to kill order on Alex so she looks for help. Caleb is a jerk. Liam and Miranda had an affair. Caleb and Shelby get it on. This was okay with a clever twist. Elias is angry. Ryan and Alex get it on. Simon spills a tale. What is Caleb up to online? Did Simon tell Elias the truth? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Where did you learn to fight like that?”
“Hebrew school.”

“Easy to blame them.”

“I’m an easy person to blame.”

“That deeply offends me.”

Shelby and Alex hang out. Natalie wonders. There is shagging. Miranda’s son has been paroled. Why isn’t she in jail? Caleb is an ass. Caleb is the son of Liam’s boss Clayton (Mark Pellegrino). Liam tries to bond with Miranda’s angry son. How did Miranda’s husband die? Miranda’s son is named Charlie. Alex is not exactly in mortal peril. We see footage of the attack. Miranda does unethical things. Liam has a daughter? Liam spews and talks too much. Simon mumbles in the dark. Shelby is boffing Clayton now. Eew. Secrets come out. Simon figures out the twin trick. Okay.

Best Lines:
“Ignore the condoms.”

“Watch me cry bitter tears.”

“You said you were leaving. Leave.”

“Why do you act so scared of me.”

The twins are looked into. Natalie is onto Ryan. What is with Natalie’s fake scar? Simon is locked in a bathroom and makes threats. Clayton pervs over Shelby. A twin has a story and there is a test. Natalie is awful. Elias chickens out. Clayton mentions Caleb’s past. Natalie pulls more crap. Ryan gets shot AGAIN. Caleb is an ass. Natalie flip-flops. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Coincidence is not evidence.”

“I’ll take maybe.”

“Don’t you dare help me.”

“Walk away from this conversation right now.”

“This is feeling less like an exam and more like the last 10 minutes of ‘Saw’.”

“Haven’t you heard? Parrish is never wrong.”

I’m done with this show. It’s so drab and boring and badly acted. Mick and co are bothered. Vixen annoys. Nate looks like the Silver Surfer. His superhero name is Steel apparently. Is Sara now a redhead? Vixen can’t act. There is no humour or camaraderie. The gang are in Edo Japan and there is no dramatic tension. Nor is there any heft or weight. The manboys whine, they’re too earnest but not emotive.

The plot causes rising irritation. There is a lack of excitement and people have fathomless ignorance and hateful conduct. People have licence to behave appallingly. Rip Hunter had a secret chamber. There are guffaw-inducing histrionics. This has no earnest sincerity. This was deeply flawed and dreadfully written. Barry sends a message from 2056. Stein and Jax lie. Ray and Nate yell. What was the message? Who cares?

Best Lines:
“Nazi super serum.”

“You injected me with Nazi serum.”

“JSA vs. Nazis.”

“There’s no such things as ninjas you idiot.”
“Tell that to Chuck Norris.”

“If I’ve learned one thing from ‘Lost’, it’s that you don’t go opening secret hatches.”

In Night So Ransomed Rogue
Jane is in CIA custody and being interrogated. 3 months have passed and naturally she escapes. Kurt does a pointless motorbike chase. The NSA and zero division are looking for Jane’s gang which has been nicknamed Sandstorm. Archie Panjabi joins the cast as an NSA agent. Dylan Baker guest stars.

There is mumbling and Jane rejoins the FBI. What is Jane’s gang up to? Kurt is not accommodating. Who are Sandstorm? Jane is told who she really is. Why doesn’t she have a South African accent? Jane has a brother and a foster mother. This was under-served. Jane is remarkably calm all things considered. Kurt and Jane have distanced themselves. What about Kurt’s dad and sister? There is emotional distance. There is a twist and who is the mole in the FBI? Sandstorm has a missile? WTF? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Why Kurt Weller?”

“Finding finding.”

“Stop yelling, it’s not helping me code.”


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