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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
This winter trailer is full of suspect decision making.

‘Allied’ TV spot

Best Line:
“I’m good at pretending.”

‘The Last Dragonslayer’ promo

‘A United Kingdom’ TV spot

Russian fudge gourmet yogurt - okay.
Butter fudge with caramel and Cornish sea salt - divine.
Cava sensation yogurt - okay.
Orange crèmes- yum.

A US version of ‘Raised By Wolves’ is to be made by Diablo Cody?

I read ‘Contact #5&6’ from 1979. Were all 'Star Trek' zines this bad?

I won’t read ‘The Diabolic’, ‘Generations’, ‘The Disinherited’, ‘Inception’ or ‘Firestorm’.

Why was Spock dressed like David Bowie in ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’?

I missed ‘Hercules

Recall the 1990-1993 show ‘Street Legal’?

Heard Karl Urban’s real accent, mmmm.

‘Raised By Wolves’ Quote:
“You’re fighting for a dead rat with a home-made cleaver.”

‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Quotes:
“They drafted me!”

“What we got back didn’t live long, fortunately.”

‘Star Trek Beyond’ special features Quote:
“Land transport movies.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Eliminate without scruples or hesitation all those who don’t think like us.”

“I wanted the child that I thought I was going to have.”

“I wanted to have that child.”

“Functions at well below normal levels.”

“Acknowledge that something disturbing is happening.”

“Nothing left of my life?”

“I’m not satisfied with that identity.”


“Cultural-theories waffle.”

“Dark pattern of events.”

‘The Times’ Quotes:
“Are in greater disarray.”

“Both women were trying to hit him with their handbags.”

“The sewers should know their place.”

“Made such a noise at Jackson’s funeral that it was escorted out.”

“Ignorant little worm.”

“Of what can happen if you let the stranger into your home.”

“Allowing uncontrolled danger into their country.”

“Growing belief that refugees are undeserving.”

“Establishes that as a set point.”

“Which will not be reversed.”

“Late-life consequences.”

“Hiring a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law and videotaping the encounter.”

“Surrounding himself with mediocrities whose chief qualification seems to be unquestioning loyalty.”

“Anger shouldn’t drive policy.”

“The restaurant stretches across three townhouses.”

“Watched, from behind a rubbish bin,”

“Established a false façade.”

“Use laundrettes where urine was used to clean clothes.”

“A horse with a palm branch in its mouth.”

“The emperors came to win consensus.”

“It was a favourite haunt for male prostitutes and their clients.”

“Threw my virtue and me into the backseat of his studio car.”

“With someone you were never truly with.”

“A boggy mass.”

“Scrap the two largest bank notes.”

“Display of opulence.”


“Loudly decrying a conspiracy against her.”

“Made him stupider and stupider.”

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Quotes:
“Forced optimism.”

“Death place.”

“Find hope in the impossible.”

“Ominous dark dangerous. We’re going in.”

“Captured by a giant green space hand.”

“You don’t have to say it.”

“You look like crap.”
“Thank you Bones.”

‘Cemetery Dance’ Quotes:
“Water used to wash a corpse.”

“I’d prefer not to answer that.”

“There was talk of mob action against them.”


“So what’s a suicide doing strangled, with a knife in his back and a mouth sewn full of arsenic. You’d think the people who buried him would have noticed.”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“The last liberal standing.”

“Hunting for access.”

“America’s angriest general.”

“The truth fears no questions.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“What you’re consenting to.”

‘Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’ Quotes:
“To them and their posterity will we commit our future.”

“Absolutely not!”

‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ Quotes:
“Well either choke me or cut my throat. Make up your mind.”

“What kind of people are we in this universe?”

“Where’s your beard?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Kim resurfaces saying Jack tried it on with her. Kim’s in a flat somewhere. Eva’s nuts. Lisa visits her abductor in jail. Goldie’s twins get the sofa Lindsey was murdered on. Neeta lurks. OB and Warren chat. What are Kim and OB up to? Why is Liam putting up with Eva? Kim hangs out with Esther. There is no dark moral complexity here just a shameless lack of subtlety.

Marnie’s mother Tabby (Linda Gray of ‘Dallas’ and ‘Models, Inc’) shows up. Elle sulks at seeing Holly and Nick together. Mac lost his pub licence? Tony produces a Yule log and is too old for Tabby. Elle confronts Nick over their drunken hook up. Mac and Tabby hate each other. This was charmless.

Best Lines:
“Your sister the serial killer.”
“We’ve all been there.”

“Make me.”

“DI Dipstick.”

“That’s the Roscoe’s couch.”

“Waking up without my underwear on.”
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