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The show they never expected to be a hit. A group of people with secrets attend the FBI Academy. 9 months later there is a terrorist attack and one of them is the prime suspect. There is car sex, a dull title card, a Hillary Clinton joke and the NATs (FBI agents in training) bond. Alex (Priyanka Chopra) is the smart mouthed heroine. Simon is faking things. Shelby is a southern belle and a former ‘Lock & Load’ cover girl. Why is Simon so weird? What is Shelby’s secret?

Alex was at ground zero of the bomb and ends up a fugitive trying to uncover which of her former classmates framed her for the attack. Alex has daddy issues her former trainer Liam is after her. Flashbacks show how her classmate Caleb triggered a tragedy and how there were secret twins. This was okay with unanswered questions and revelations and I’m hooked.

Best Lines:
“Your stubble grows in different directions.”

“Don’t you even think about moving.”

“It is not college.”

“We had sex in your car 6 hours ago.”

“I didn’t do any of this.”

“He’s drunk again.”

“I suck at everything.”

“It’s starting to feel weird.”

Alex has shampoo commercial hair and tacky fake nails even whilst a fugitive. What is the agenda of former classmate/lover Ryan? What are his secrets? What is Liam up to? Caleb was kicked out for the tragedy he caused in 1x01, yet is back again. Rick Cosnett of ‘The Flash’ shows up as an analyst named Elias. What is Miranda’s agenda? Natalie sneers, she wasn’t in 1x01. She is not magnanimous. Elias lurks. Caleb harangues and harasses and is vexatious, he was on 'Revolution' which explains it.

Nobody has complete trustworthiness. Alex does audacious acts and suspiciously effortless heroics. This was soapy and dramatic and significant. Alex is vigilant. Why does Alex merit this kind of interaction? Simon wears fake glasses. What is up with Ryan? Alex looks into her late father. 9 months later, Ryan was shot but is alive. Liam is extremely volatile.

Best Line:
“A happy tissue.”

This reminds me of ‘Traveler’. Alex’s mother Sita is dragged in to be yelled at. Natalie is a massive jerk. Ryan’s back at work despite being near death in 1x01. Liam’s boss (Mark Pellegrino of ‘The Tomorrow People’) looms. This was directed by Jennifer Lynch. Alex looks up Simon; he was kicked out of the FBI Academy. Or was he? What is Nimah up to? Mean things are said.

Who is behind the frame up? How did Sita not know where her daughter was? This was addictive. The twins have issues. Simon is calculating. Sita turns on her daughter. Alex has secrets. Miranda jailed her belligerent son. What is Shelby up to? We may be one twin down. There is a twist and a reveal about Natalie.

Best Lines:
“You must be so proud.”

“Why won’t anyone listen?”

“I’m a fan of backdoors.”

“It’s nothing I want to talk about.”

The New Rogues
Mirror Master and his moll are obligatory jackasses. What is it with Wentworth Miller and his Shatneresque line readings? There is no social contract here. Barry is lazy and has complete ineptitude. He’s morally compromised. Harry wants dignity, order, reason and logic. Mirror Master has flawed moral character and is resolute in his vengeful purpose. Iris is uncongenial. Harry says the gang should find a new Wells.

Does Joe have a woman? The story has to be in charge but isn’t. Barry and Iris fawn over each other and annoy. Why is Barry making out with his foster sister? Barry never carefully considers anything. Cisco annoys, Harry rambles and Barry’s stupidity paralyses decision making. Wally bores and Cisco yells. Mirror Master’s galpal has ‘Inception’ like powers or something. This ep was not a defining presence.

There is a montage of idiot Wells’ with silly accents, bad wigs and dumb costumes. This had no cunning intensity. I’m tired of their melodramatic personal lives. Mirror Master has nothing better to do all day then be disconcerting and threatening. Barry doesn’t have the moral high ground as he is morally depraved. Iris infuriates and is a source of tension. I felt complete indifference for this. Barry ends up in a mirror.

Joe whines, Snow uses her Killer Frost powers, Barry is awful and HR Wells shows up. Cisco is thick. What was Harry trying to warn them about? Snow is becoming Killer Frost and nobody checks out Zoom’s Earth1 double.

Best Lines:
“How dare you sir?”

“I care for you too.”

“He creates wormholes through reflections.”

“Sure, let’s go with that.”

“Ever seen ‘Twin Peaks’?”

“You two, gone.”

Strange Bedfellows
Charles is aloof. Catherine’s past mischief troubles her. Mary snots at Dudley. The tones and themes of season 3 have no reliability and this is an undramatic representation. Gideon and Mary ball. Joseph Tudor did not exist; there were other real life cousins. Mary cannot be uncontentious. This was mechanical and wildly inaccurate. Greer looks bored. People rattle off their lines looking bored. There is a mention of Elisabeth Valois.

Catherine’s recidivist homicide has consequences. Gideon is in peril. The Vatican lurk. There are unseemly acts and this was not scintillating. People have open rapacity. Claude pouts. Elizabeth lays down the law; foreshadowing James I. Catherine’s serial killer boytoy has his uses and is weird. Greer is a moron. I honestly don’t know why I still watch this.

Best Lines:
“Skulking through the village streets.”

“So sad and awful.”

“Reinforce herself as the better choice.”

“Some sipping chocolate? It’s from Spain.”

“Hidden even from god’s sight.”

Taken (2002)
Boring miniseries.

The Triangle (2005)
This okay 3 part miniseries stars Sam Neill, Eric Stoltz, Catherine Bell, Bruce Davison and Lou Diamond Phillips as oddness around the Bermuda Triangle is investigated. This features alternate realities, time travel, a long lost twin and a crucifix. This could have gone to series but didn’t.

Gotham 2x09

A Bitter Pill To Swallow
Tabitha bores, Nygma and Penguin team up to bore, Lee whines and Gordon is a tad regretful about his acts. Alfred lurks, Selina shows up, Silver and Bruce are irredeemably annoying and Barnes is in peril. Bruce has long shown distain for Alfred. There is no social cohesion. Bruce can’t act; Alfred has obstructionism in the face of Bruce’s provocation. Everyone is an annoyance. Gordon has no restrained approach to his wish for order. This ep was radically inconsistent with sense. Tabitha loses faith in her jug eared brother.

Best Lines:
“Personal costs extra.”

“Will be mine, ours.”


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