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Book Reviews: Investigating Sherlock + A Fatal Inversion + All Hell Breaking Loose

Investigating Sherlock: The Unofficial Guide by Nikki Stafford
From the author of the ‘Finding Lost’ books comes this weak take on the first 3 series of ‘Sherlock’. It’s all self-satisfied smugness and boredom. Stafford dismisses the Johnlock shippers to her detriment. This was dull and Stafford has the utter arrogance that everyone in the room is beneath her.

Best Lines
“Doesn’t even notice his absence.”

“Then I disinfect myself.”

“Bet you never saw this coming.”

“If a man is acting strangely, look for the woman, because his behaviour must be the responsibility of a woman.”

A Fatal Inversion by Barbara Vine
This naff novel was written by Ruth Rendell under a pen name. A body is found and equally odious people are justifiably worried their debasing secrets will come out. This 1987 novel was dated, weary and sad. I have bitter contempt for this hack job.

Best Lines:
“He would have felt most comfortable if he knew they were all dead.”

“Less agreeable sounds.”

“There was some awful peasant trespassing around the lake?”

All Hell Breaking Loose edited by Martin H. Greenbeg
Crap anthology.
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