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The Tudors Season 3 Ep 8 Review

Suffolk and Patchy pimp out Catherine Howard to Henry. No mention is made of the fact that Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn were first cousins. Catherine Howard comes across a conniving, dim skank. Henry falls madly in lust with her. What he sees in her is unknown. Meanwhile Anne of Cleeves tries to be a caring stepmother and matchmakes between Mary and a Prince. It all comes to nothing of course as Henry divorces Anne and declares that she is now his sister. Suffolk sets up Cromwell's fall and execution. Suffolk is shameless. Poor Cromwell dies in a botched execution.

This was okay but Suffolk is a horrible, horrible turd, Patchy just annoys and Catherine Howard is an idiot. When Henry VIII married Catherine Howard he was a fat, sick old man. This Henry of course hasn't aged since Wife Number 1. Anyway thus ends Season 3, season 4 will see the fall of the shameless skank and the rise of wife number 6.

Fashion Tips
Mary's red feather hat.
Anne's black stone tiara.
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