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Movie Reviews: Viral + The Death Of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? + 9 others

Viral (2015)
Michael Kelly of ‘House Of Cards’ has a small role in this goodish outbreak tale about a worm flu. This was cheap looking and full of product placement but it was better than ‘Demonic’. Two sisters fight as their dad (Kelly) is sad. They live in a remote estate in a beautiful area. Their mom ran off and the nice sister likes a boy and has a sassy BFF.

The mean sister wants to party with stupid teenagers as the worm flu rages. Obama is on TV and people mumble. A disaster preparedness kit is delivered. The mean sister’s moronic boyfriend has a room temperature IQ. An ill-advised party is thrown. Their dad vanishes from the movie. A conspiracy theorist rants online. Sense is ignored. The nice sister likes Evan who has a jerk stepfather. This plays like the pilot for a TV show. The TV and wifi go out and come back with no explanation. The nice sister has a distraught emotional response when things go awry.

The difficult situation seems to dissolve fear, inhibition and tiredness. Conventional wisdom about self-preservation is belayed. Aversions and objections to sense take place. Bias judgements are made. A terrible loss is suffered. Explosions are no major concern. This was good but what is the worm flu? Natural? Alien? What?

Best Lines:
“It looks like its throwing up from its neck.”

“Grab his cock or I’ll tell him you love him!”

“Been removed.”

“The uninfected cower in their homes.”

The Death Of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? (2015)
A crowd-funded documentary about the proposed 1998 Tim Burton film ‘Superman Lives’. Which was to have starred a long haired Nicolas Cage. The photo of Cage in a hideous costume is shown a lot. As is the bizarre concept art that looks weird. This low budget documentary has bad opening credits, swearing, Kevin Smith ranting and a dude head nodding - but it is enjoyable. The script is shown and an executive producer has no respect for the source material

This is a tale of bonkers Hollywood types who must have been on cocaine. Ugly shorts are worn and be glad ‘Superman Lives’ was never made. It would have starred Christopher Walken as Brainiac, Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen and Sandra Bullock as Lois Lane. Footage of costume tests of ugly suits are shown as well as archive footage of Cage. Why did Cage not appear in this? Why did he reject indie movies? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Batman used a credit card.”

“Super bright primary colours.”

“You guys were going to make THIS.”

“Fought good taste in ‘Superman III’.”

“It was before computers.”

“Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian.”
“That exists?”

“Oh good lord.”

“That was 1996 mentality.”

“His words not mine.”

“Spider it up for you.”

“Take out half a city fight.”

“The script read to him, out loud.”

“I’m serious.”

“Where’s the fight?”

“The internet was still mad.”

“Let’s get nuts.”

Cat People (1942)

The Curse Of The Cat People (1944)

The Cave (2005)

Dark Water (2005)

Doom (2005)
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Land Of The Dead (2005)

Spirit Trap (2005)

Cry-Wolf (2005)

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)
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