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Book Reviews: Deep Storm + Taken At The Flood

Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
The personality free Dr Peter Crane gets a job at the Deep Storm facility which is excavating something mysterious from beneath the Atlantic Ocean seafloor. This was unusually compelling as the truth of what lies beneath emerges. Some people are callow and lack a consistent ethic and have a changeable moral compass. Others go on furious braying rants ignoring the obvious enduring perils. People trumpet their rage as plausibility and probability are hurled aside. The characters are peerlessly one-dimensional and this lacks wisdom, insight, humour and calm intelligence but it is engrossing. The characterless characters endure many miseries due to maddeningly wilful baddies and their dull insistence on stupid choices. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I can’t be tracked like some migrating fowl.”

“Dark infinitude.”

Taken At The Flood by Agatha Christie
The grasping mooching Cloade family have long expected Gordon Cloade to leave them money in his will. Now Gordon is dead but inconveniently he married Rosaleen before he died. Now the Cloades very passionately hope Rosaleen will die. This was an immeasurably awful tale of unresolved trauma, people venting rage, inflammatory rhetoric involving sexual violence and domestic violence, the gauche affections of the middle class, Poirot’s colossal notion of self, bitter men wallowing in outrage and a miserable family who have never accomplished anything on their own. This was tenaciously distasteful.

Best Lines:
“Telling a story to which nobody wanted to listen.”

“You’ll listen to me for a change.”

“A suicide does not usually cave in the back of his skull with a pair of steel fire-tongs.”
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