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Movie Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

A flop reboot of the franchise which sees Chris Ryan star and Kevin Costner is his mentor (and is not secretly evil). This exists for no good reason at all. Pine annoys to the point of antagonism. After Baldwin, Ford and Affleck and now him, there will be no resumption of this franchise I’m sure. Morally degenerate Russians are nihilistic. This is all hate, discrimination and demonisation. Costner is eternally grumpy. This has no sensibility or depth. I reacted negatively to this. The baddie (Kenneth Brannagh) does mumbling speeches.

This tries to be desperately worthy but it is of little substance and lacks all subtle nuances. This is not a spirited attempt and has no sense of plot or character or dramatic power or dialogic wit. Jack’s woman (Keira Knightley and her odd US accent) bewails. Russians are a homogenous bloc of jerks. This was increasingly ineffective. Brannagh also directed this. Ryan does a dogged pursuit of the baddie and his nebulous goals. This seems to have been reedited and has no certain resonance.

Best Lines:
“Are you intact?”
“Close enough.”

“Achingly desperate.”

“Your very scary memo.”

“Don’t lose faith in me.”

“Quite without purpose.”

“You’re having fun with me.”
“Not nearly enough.”

“Develop harder.”

“To be honest, we need him to.”

“Different time, different empire, same graveyard.”

“I’m not going to be policed at the dinner table.”

“Is it too much to ask to be escorted?”

“Snowball is rolling.”
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