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Book Reviews: Blood Pact + Blood Debt + Witch and Wombat + Dead Witch Walking

Blood Pact by Tanya Huff
This 1993 novel (reprinted in 2004) is the 4th in the ‘Vicki Nelson’ series. Vicki’s mother dies and her body is stolen by scientists who have made an unholy breakthrough. Vicki swells with importance and is an awful person. Henry is an awful person as well and Celluci’s staunch loyalty is poorly repaid. This novel sees a major change in the status quo and was a good tale and it had a superior narrative structure to books 1-3. It is dated in places but I enjoyed this.

Best Lines:
“If you had the ability to raise the dead, wouldn’t that be motive enough?”

“Wondered how long the melodrama of office grieving would continue.”

“If number nine is thinking, Catherine, I don’t like what it’s thinking about.”

“Kingston had a large psychiatric facility and he had no intention of ending up in it.”

“There’s a vampire in the closet.”

“Quiet would be better still.”

“He thought be could hear screaming. He hoped like hell he was wrong.”

“Celluci ripped the phone off his kitchen wall and threw it out the back door.”

“The police psychologist suggested he was suppressing strong emotions.”

“The possibility of an enraged sasquatch roaming the park.”

Blood Debt by Tanya Huff
This 1997 novel (reprinted in 2004) novel is the 5th in the ‘Vicki Nelson’ series. This was full of references to setting VCRs, video stores, roller blades, Keanu Reeves and bottled water. After dealing with demons, werewolves, a mummy and zombies, now the gang deal with ghosts and organ thieves. Celluci is in peril, Henry whines about territorial imperatives and Vicki is unbelievably awful. It’s okay for Vicki is be poly but she has murderous possessiveness toward Celluci. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You’re hurting me!”
“I know.”

“To beg her King once more for a mercy she’d never receive.”

“There’s a limit to how much deep thought is allowed.”

“I always thought old ladies were kind of vague and smelly.”

“I’m not saying that he’s not good to you, but he’s obviously the one with the power.”

“Dracula didn’t use a phone.”
“Times change.”

Witch and Wombat by Carolyn Cushman
This 1994 fantasy sees a group of nerds tricked into thinking a visit to a fantasy land is actually a VR game. This was full of logical fallacies and was painfully below average. The idiots partaking in the game fail to notice the reported circumstances around them are real and there is sneering at the simple country ways of the magical folk. This was boring and tranquilised brontosaurus slow. There is no emotional significance and nobody has wisdom, compassion or grace.

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
A bad start to a BAD series. Avoid like the clap.
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