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12 Monkeys 2x08-2x13 +Legends Of Tomorrow 2x01+Poltergeist The Legacy 1x01-1x07+ NCIS 12x03 Reviewed

In 2020, Cassie and Cole are caught up in a time loop with Jones. People mope and Jones wants time travel ended. Xander Berkeley has a thankless guest role. Where is Marcus? Ramse isn’t going anywhere. There is a revelation about Jennifer in 2020. There is so much talking and Jones annoys.

Best Line:
“We’ve exhausted hope.”

Jennifer goes monkey hunting in 2016. Marcus shows up. Ramse and Cassie are ANGRY. Jones' daughter doesn’t want to know her. Ramse and Cassie visit The Keeper. The dude who created the plague shows up again. Cassie and Ramse are jealous of each other. The Pallid Man strikes. This was okay with another reveal.

Best Lines:
“Time’s broken.”

“Please be careful with the grenades. We got a discount for a reason.”

“We don’t have things.”

“Science killed the world.”

“Why hasn’t it come?”

Berlin 1961 and Cassie and Ramse look for Titan. Marcus lurks. Deacon and Cassie slept together. Cole looks for the FBI agent Gale (Jay Karnes) he met in the 40s. Cassie and Ramse find a Nazi war criminal (Matt Frewer of ‘Doctor, Doctor’, ‘Max Headroom’ and ‘The Stand’). People run around East Berlin, Wagner plays and Mossad chases everyone. Jones shrieks. Cole is a fairly constant ass. Ramse and Cassie are not effective advocates. There are more hints of The Witness and a revelation. Terrible and irrevocable things happen and the origin of Olivia is shown. Olivia rebels and Cole screeches. This was good apart from Jones.

Best Line:
“Read what’s not.”

“Nefarious characters seem to coalesce around you like bum hairs in a drain.”

“The things I would be asked to do.”

“There is a great plague coming.”

The gang know where Titan is. Marcus, Ramse and Cassie are allied now. Cole points a gun at Ramse. Deacon sits naked sharpening a knife and singing. Marcus has rebelled. Cole causes fury and frustration. He’s not striving against the odds. There is an inevitability and petulance. Cole is stroppy and charmless.

Bravo Cole for causing someone to die in 2044 and for someone else to get a knife to the face. This was sullen and half hearted and not weirdly poignant. One felt a strange detachment to this. There was no energy or enthusiasm. There is an ass pull resolution and this was not necessarily conductive to enjoyment. Horrible problems remain and there are interlocking multitudes of justifications and galloping improbabilities. Cassie does her constipated staring act and this was of dubious composition.

Best Lines:
“So it’s come to this uh?”
“Does it have to?”

“You know what’s there.”

Blood Washed Away
It is 1957 and Cassie is a bearer of misfortune. Cole’s self he presents to others is vile. I feel declining enthusiasm for this cold and detached show. Is the tortoise safe? The Daughters don’t want Jennifer. This was disengaged but mildly diverting. People are rendered morally impotent. Cassie dresses in 50s style. There is a twist and Titan is located. Cassie has adventures, there is death and Cole gets it on with Cassie who shows off her not very 50s underwear. This was okaish.

Memory Of Tomorrow
There are revelations and Cole meets Lillian (Madeleine Stowe of the ‘12 Monkeys’ movie and ‘Revenge’). The red forest lurks. Jones has a dog. Jennifer makes a bad speech. There is earnestness as all logic is kicked aside. This was intermittently entertaining and has concomitant menace. The bizarrely horrid Witness is revealed. Ramse yells. Is Deacon dead? Jennifer is in peril in 1917. Cassie is in the future. Ramse makes new/old alliances. Who does Cole love more? Ramse or Cassie? I guess season 3 will reveal that. People in cloaks stare as The Witness is revealed. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Suffer eternal.”

Out Of Time
Oliver guest stars along with some annoying dude. Oliver doesn’t seem bothered by the fact his best friend Tommy and ex-girlfriend Laurel have both died violently because of him. Rip leaves. Someone mumbles about history changing. There is a moratorium on sense. I have decreasing enthusiasm for this mess. There is no Wentworth Miller. Mick growls. There is no sign of the JSA. The gang run around France in 1637.

French history is mangled. Sara gets it on with the Queen of France. Oliver is a conscious ass. Nobody is felicitatious. This was heinous. The Reverse Flash lurks. NY apparently got nuked by Nazis in 1942. TPTB work to the ruination of this show. Time is continually disrupted. Sara plans revenge on Damien. Ray has no natural charm. The gang have to save Einstein. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are AWOL, nobody cares. Mick and Rip stroll around in WW2 uniforms. Einstein needs a comb. Ray needs to go.

Einstein has an evil ex-wife. Damien bores. People bore. Ray the Poldarkian hero lectures on trustworthiness and honesty. There are lies, misinformation and obfuscation. Things go awry. How did Ray breathe the air 70 million years ago?

Best Lines:
“You promised me competency.”

“Time nemesis.”

“I’m a time detective.”

“Is she always this violent?”

“History is yours now.”

“They were happily corrupted.”

“Pretty did.”

“Bring me my wizards!”

“Maybe you should shut up.”

Poltergeist The Legacy (1996 - 1999) 1x01-1x07 Rewatch

This show outlived both ‘Profit’ and ‘Kindred: The Embraced’. It is so very 90s with bad acting, the least adventurous plot, outdated computer technology, grainy looking image, a bad script and a bad take on Ireland. Derek (the magnificently brooding Derek de Lint) leads a team who fight evil. He waves a huge sword to fight a demon as the wind machine is cranked up.

There is exposition, bad CGI and the obvious doomed Julia is doomed. Helen Shaver annoys, there is sex, a demonic childbirth and very 90s carry on. W Morgan Sheppard and William Sadler guest star and the plot arc about the grim history of the Rayne clan begins here. Derek hero-worships his dead daddy Winston because he was killed by a demon but the scenes we get of Winston make it clear he was a horrible horrible father. The Legacy has its own helicopter?

Town Without Pity
The image looks like a bad VHS copy. The opening credits narrated by Derek show up. Derek is Dutch (like the actor) but it is never explained why his late father Winston wasn’t. Nick is self-effacing. A town from the 1700s is stumbled upon. There is bad acting and this show was not culturally embedded in the psyche. A petrol station harbinger mutters, Alex’s hair has changed since the pilot ep, Derek and Alex use a printer in the middle of the woods and there is overacting. This was weak and not fresh or vigorous. This was full of indiscipline.

Best Lines:
“It’s not the Lord they fear. It’s you.”

“We shall not countenance it here!”

Do Not Go Gently
Is the Legacy mansion the Luthor mansion from ‘Smallville’ and the Queen mansion on ‘Arrow’? A doctor does black magic. William De Vry and William B. Davis guest star. This was no.

The Substitute
Boys with 90s hair use a Hand Of Glory to unleash a demon (Ben Cross of ‘Dark Shadows’). Philip leaves. The demon does stuff. No.

Best Line:
“Return to hell without thy hand!”

Man In The Mist
Philip is back. Derek is suave. 90s attire is worn. Does Derek ever blink? This was boring.

The Twelfth Cave
Philip is still here. Derek is given a cursed scroll by a ‘friend’ (David Ogden Stiers). The scroll is from 11,000 BC and was written by Cain. There is bad acting apart from Derek de Lint as Derek goes nuts with uninhibited abandon. Truck face Rachel bores.

Best Lines:
“Never forgives anyone or anything.”

“Also rather pitiful.”

So It Goes
Ducky’s ex BFF is dead. The BFF stole Maggie the woman Ducky loved (Alice Krige). There are flashbacks to the 60s. Maggie is not 80 plus. The actor playing young Ducky is not as good looking as David McCallum was in his ‘Man From UNCLE' days. The lighting to flatter David McCallum’s age is obvious. There are stupid English accents and Ducky changed a lot. A blonde NCIS agent annoys. Tony annoys - he hadn’t left at this point. Ducky has pined for Maggie for 50 years. Why didn’t she choose him back then instead of staying married to the git for decades? The case of the week is wrapped up and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“A dreadful abomination.”

“Marry the wrong woman over and over.”

“I really loved that turtleneck.”

“You’ve come a long way for an old friend.”
“I don’t have many left.”

“Thermal trauma.”

“Everything is as it must be.”

“His two front teeth were replaced by dental implants as they were knocked out in a fight.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. I was the one that knocked them out.”

“Scarce with his praise.”

“No-one’s ever lived to testify against him.”

“I choose wrong.”

“You have to do something.”
“No. I don’t.”
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