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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

Westworld’ 1x06 promo
What is the maze? There are revelations and nudity. There are guns and the town was built on decadence.

Best Lines:
“Your entire life is some hideous fiction.”

“Reason for concern.”

‘All Hallow’s Eve’ (2013) trailer
A babysitter watches a videotape of an evil killer clown. Stop watching it moron! I’ll skip this.

‘Birthday Girl’ TV spot

Best Line:
“Her past came with her.”

‘Pushing Tin’ (1999) promo

‘Silly Sausage’ ad
This is disturbing.

‘Sleepless In Seattle’ (1993) promo

‘Humans’ promo

Crazyhead’ promo

‘The Incredibles’ (2004) promo

Mini Smarties - okay.
Gluten free wholegrain crackers - good.
Tomato salsa - tangy.
St Agur cheese - yum.

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“His part in a machete attack.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Signs of life can remain long after the apparent end.”

“Inevitable response.”

“Proposed blowing tobacco smoke up the rears of the apparently deceased to awaken them.”

“Somewhat pithily concludes.”

“Tales of bodies exhumed with scrape marks on the roofs of their coffins; skeletons found near the doors of their tombs;”

“It is not that he is stupid, nor that he is not listening.”

“Missing the social clues.”

“They don’t get on the fence to fall off it.”

“Social needs.”

“It’s a totally human-centric world view.”

“As poor people’s medicine, as ignorant medicine.”

“A 1930s relic.”

“Free of doctrinal or moral error.”

“Called security on disruptive students.”

“Verbal detritus.”

“Fuelled by paranoid reaction against modest liberal trends.”

“Consensus mentality.”

“A car that had been driven on to a bonfire.”

“I had a compost toilet, and washed myself in the stream.”

‘Devious Maids’ Quotes:
“Your little tenement.”

“What a terrifying complement.”

“Loves to feed the duckies.”

‘Teen Mom OG’ Quote:
“Endless cycle of conformity.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You were living in a tent.”

“Bad drug addicts and felons.”

“Not articulating well.”

“Giant cockroach swatter.”

“Been in prison 8 times.”

“She wants people to hate me.”
“They already do.”

‘National Enquirer’ Quotes:
“Insisting on nudity, physical extremes and raw emotion. If anything, it only made her love him more.”

“What’s wrong with mommy?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: When is OB back? Poor OB, Max was the worst friend ever. There is graffiti that should have long been covered up. Sienna and Nico never shared a slot in the opening credits. Nico is now gone from the opening credits. Joe and Mercedes are still up on the ferris wheel. Cameron is terrifyingly ordered. Jude will be blamed for Nico’s death. Or maybe Warren will instead. Sienna is hopeful and then suicidal. Warren is on a redemption path.

Will Liam’s idiot brother be blamed for the fire? Maybe not if he doesn’t admit it. Jude has so much make-up on; she looks like a drag queen. Dirk shows up and the fire brigade fail to notice the 2nd fire and Mercedes forgives Joe. Then Joe’s stunt double falls off the ferris wheel. Will detective one-pube and his brother not detective one-pube return? What’ll happen to JJ and Lexi? Where is Kim? Is Joe dead? Where is Esther? Where is Joe’s mother?

Dirk manhandles Liam. Darren is there and Joe is brain dead. Joanne caused this and yet she is gone from the opening credits. Pretty dramatic things happen. Mercedes voices her discontent, upset and frustration. Joe never fulfilled his true potential. Mercedes has no rights over Joe’s medical care. Mercedes has absolute hostility. The drama is ramped up as Mercedes is rancorous.

There is no honesty or trustworthiness. Liam annoys. Scott looms. Where is John-Paul? Where is Tegan’s child? Mercedes blubbers and howls and her forehead vein throbs. Celine is dumped again. Sienna stares. Darren says goodbye to Joe. The Roscoes have been decimated and are a spent force. Everyone forgets all the crap Freddie did to Joe. Cameron has been caught starting the fire on video, but it is unseen for now. Joe’s dead. TPTB RUINED Cameron.

Joe's gone from the opening credits. Sienna and Mercedes talk and yell. Liam is thick. Cindy and Jude crawl around on the floor and steal back Jude’s ill-gotten gains. Nico is evil even after death. Nancy has MS. Where is Cindy’s baby? Jude leaves but Cindy gets the money.

Best Lines:
“Long haired layabout.”

“Getting dressed up like a pair of cheap hookers.”

“She wasn’t like I’d thought she’d be.”

“2 trips to the dry cleaners to get the snot out of my top.”
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