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Movie Reviews: Infected aka Containment + The Woods

Infected aka Containment (2015)
A low budget UK horror that is only 67 minutes long. A dude wakes in his tiny grotty flat to discover no power or water or phone and that his doors and windows have been sealed. He ignores frantic neighbours and looks like a poor man’s David Morrissey. He has a mean ex wife and a son somewhere. People in hazmat suits that look like orange clingfilm wander around. Does the dude have a tattoo on his earlobe? A mad prepper neighbour smashes through the wall of his grotty flat, he looks like a poor man’s Channing Tatum.

A mad old biddy and a dude who looks like Harry Potter lurk. There is a field hospital and a kid who won’t talk lurks. Conspiracy theories are spewed and paranoia takes over. People get shot and this started out as a chilling tale of a non-specific threat. The characters have proper tenacity but then things get violent as paranoia reigns. A hazmat is captured and a fat bloke across the way gets excited. What is on the loose? I enjoyed this for ¾ of the run. Why did the title change? An angry mob forms.

There is muffled dialogue and death and bad choices. This started out very well but deteriorated and the ending makes no sense. There was no serious escalation of enforcement action. This was okish.

Best Lines:
“You just knocked a hole though my wall.”

“Fetch me ciggies!”

“Failure to do so will carry serious consequences.”

“It’s medicinal.”

“Those are the authorities.”

“Don’t just threaten me. Do it.”

“If I was your girl, I’d top myself.”

The Woods (2002)
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