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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Flash’ 3x05 promo
A monster, another Wells and trust issues again. Mmmm.

‘The Flash’ 3x04 clip
Snow exhibits Killer Frost tendencies in her shower. Oh nos.

‘Designated Survivor’ 1x06 promo
A VP and gunshots. Mmm.

‘The Flash’ 3x04 clip
They’re looking for a new Harrison Wells and there are so many of them. HR Wells is a hipster and all the Wells seem to have intersecting personality disorders.

Best Lines:

“Terra prime.”

“Awful meta-hominids.”

“A combination of Wells we haven’t had thus far.”

‘Deathgasm’ trailer
Oz movie about evil heavy metal music with 80s horror sfx. There is a chainsaw, vomit and this looks funny. But still; no.

Best Lines:
“It’s piss.”

“My friends are losers.”

‘Aquabeads’ ad

Grey’s Anatomy’ promo

‘Tutankhamen’ 1x04 promo
The tomb is opened, again.

‘Man Of The Year’ promo

‘Line of Duty’ promo

‘Channel Zero’ promo

‘Mars’ promo
Am interested.

Cranberry & cream cheese roulade - nice.
Seeded grapes - so much work.
Gluten free margarita pizza - yum.
Forest fruits tea - okay.
Brazil nuts - okay.

I won’t read ‘Disappearance At Devil’s Rock’.

I enjoyed the 1958 film ‘Bell, Book and Candle’.

The hairless hamster is gross.

I did not like Mark Danielewski’s ‘House Of Leaves’.

It is 10 years since Richard Hammond’s car crash on ‘Top Gear’.

Starz are making a sequel to ‘The White Queen’ namely ‘The White Princess’.

I’d try corn on the cob with peanut sauce.

What is vanilla gold or chocolate diamonds?

What are beer soaked doughnuts?

The telescope at Dunsink observatory had a loose screw in it from the reign of Queen Victoria to about 1988.

I will review ‘Gateways to Abomination’, ‘Quantico’ season 1, ‘Mistletoe and Murder’, ‘A Fatal Inversion’, ‘Cemetery Dance’, ‘Viral’, ‘Investigating Sherlock’ and ‘The Mammoth Book of Best Horror 17’.

I won’t review ‘Humans’ 2x01, ‘Mirror Sisters’ or ‘The Killing Jar’.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Took 4 deputies and a canine.”

“4 deputies pry him off.”

“Situation went badly.”

“A canine, 3 deputies and a tazer to subdue him.”

“The face eating frat boy.”

‘Killer Women’ Quote:
“What in the world made them think a) that this as a good idea, b) that they could get away with it or c) that there weren’t obvious long term ramifications.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Build a certain name.”

“Aren’t we past this?”

“Doomed to be cast in the wrong role.”

“Inspired divinity.”

“Self-serving set of edited beliefs.”

“Paranoia isn’t unreasonable.”

“Looks like a tapeworm.”

“Flat-lit close-ups.”

“Trying to pull off his pants with their tombstone teeth.”

“Looks like a niche-interest stripper.”

“Told her mother she had to make an appointment to see her.”

“Quite mad with desire and longing.”

“Mountain sound.”

“Forgot, after a few generations, that he had ever existed.”

“Not necessarily on purpose, but still.”

“We actually bought a BOG BRUSH!”

“Rather spend his days on a park bench, drinking cider and mumbling angrily at passers-by.”

“Would have been only mildly amusing had he been a guest star on Terry and June 30 years ago.”

“Brave a mugger’s alley.”

“Terrorist-level detonations.”

“Barred from every nursing home in Devon because of his propensity for fisticuffs.”

“When is he going home to his real house?

“Thick rind of Hollywood makeup.”

“A paper-thin patterned shirt I’ll be damned if he hasn’t either heavily vomited on or woken up in five days on the trot.”

“Whose job it was to stop him saying anything unacceptable.”

“Nicotine gum (for between cigarettes).”

“Only stopping when he was dragged off.”

“He ran away, still handcuffed.”

“Waistcoat polish.”

“What was shown on the prospectus and what the school was like once you got there.”

“The ostracised girl.”

“Whom nobody was allowed to like.”

“Every perceived dip of mood.”

“Parents didn’t want to know.”

“Paying is power.”

“My one offer to make things right.”

“The history they’re eradicating.”

“They do jobs whose description seems annoying beyond parody.”

“When one looks at what our politician call “work”, one is not impressed.”

“Be either victorious or dead.”

‘Antiques Roadshow’ Quote:
“Flying Titanic.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Morose-looking men in appalling ties and terrible sports coats.”

“There is very little that is physical left.”

“Very safe and very staid.”

“Natural variability.”

“The passage of a single human generation.”

“Expose rock surfaces atop the mountain for the first time in 11,000 years.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: James lurks. Where is Tegan’s child as she parties? Why don’t the police shut down the carnival? Is Nancy sick? Joanne is sad and sabotages the ferris wheel. Sienna goes to confront her mad daughter. Peri is 16 and acts like she is 12. Cameron starts a fire. Nico shrieks. There are no tragic associations. This was a real chore. Fiery revenge is wreaked. Liam is a moron who looks dipped in faecal dust. Sienna has unspoken hurt. Can nobody smell smoke? Shamelessly melodramatic things happen. Warren rushes in and saves Sienna and leaves Nico to die cursing her mother.

Best Line:
“Cheated on me, dumped me at the altar and shacked up with that stalker.”
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