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Tutankhamen 1x03 +The Americans 4x03 + Supergirl 2x02 Reviewed

Tutankhamen 1x03
Max Irons looks like Carlos Danger sounds. Evelyn bores. Carter the human implosion annoys and this was incontestably boring and frivolous. A reporter shows up. This was not venerable and nobody uses 20s slang like topping or tophole. It is 1922 and the tomb had been found and opened. There is no toxic air and the treasures are stared at. People have irrational delusions and emotionally underdeveloped twits are sinisterly hilariously stupid. This was not ingenious. Camels, cat statutes, old style photography and open distain for history are on display.

This was not philosophical or learned and was non-functional. King Tut’s shoes rot and malign people make accusations of theft. This was not much vaunted and what happened is a foregone conclusion. Carter is indignant. People have huge moustaches and Carter has glibness and arrogance but no strength or resolve. He looks as if his scrote needs airing. This centres on Carter being useless and not realising the power of his fantastic find.

People with middle England hair are often unpleasant. This was not logical or functional and has no emotional impact. This was desultorily and absolutely and unquestionably shockingly awful. There is atrocious writing and people stir things up to create a situation. Sam Neill stews and seethes. Carter is extraordinarily petulant and full of barely disguised irritation.

Tumultuous things happen and this was exhaustingly unfocused and coherence straining. Boot faced Carter broods amid overly art-designed settings. People are actually terrible people. This lacks cohesive shape and Carter gets bad press and Evelyn’s daddy stops being somnolent.

Best Lines:
“You can’t carry water.”

“Fill up the troughs for the mules.”

“Arabs rioting or British soldiers shooting people.”

“Can you see anything?”
“Yes, wonderful things.”

“The seals are still intact.”

“Every worker will be searched.”

“Bloody bedlam.”

“Reacting to the fresh air coming in.”

“What does the Egyptian writing mean?”

“The talk of the world.”

“No-one else will print it.”

“LADY Evelyn!”

Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow
Elizabeth is at a Mary Kay party to make a new ‘friend’. She wears a ‘Dynasty’ wig. Where do they get all the wigs? Philip and Martha stare. Pastor Tim triggers wider family reverberations. Idiotic decisions are made. Pastor Tim is an overwhelmingly earnest defiant beacon of masculinity. There is a barrage of pessimism. Pastor Tom is a constant annoyance. This was tedious. Gabriel is inescapably bleak and maybe dead. There is gurning desperation, sheer anger and misery and yelling about logged copies.

There are rules and consequences and spit. There are wretched realisations and exposure to the bio-weapon. This was an irrelevance. Claudia shows up. Morality is warped and people are emotionally hobbled. Stan nonchalantly watches Martha. Nina is all starkness and misery massaging. Philip is trenchantly critical. Pastor Tim is a scorned mentor. There is a mention of Cabbage Patch dolls and Gaad looms. Sandra shows up. Shrug.

Best Lines:
“The Bureau does not feel Stan.”

“What if we’re contagious? Maybe we can’t leave.”

“I’m not crazy. I’ve gotten so many vaccines because of what I have to do; it’s given me all these allergies.”
“What are you allergic to?”
“Dust, butter, sausage, candy, you name it.”

“Do you have kids?”
“Do you want my kids?”

“I’d always though I’d get infected in the lab. Not in a park in the middle of the night.”

“Three kids. Husband. Husband’s parents.”

“Don’t make him angry.”

The Last Children Of Krypton
Chris Wood is comatose and then he isn’t. Brenda Strong is the big bad. There is bad acting and Supergirl is smug. J'onn is annoying and how does Kara know how to write a news story? Quasi-ludicrous and not exactly nuanced things happen. How does Supergirl have the respect of the masses? This ep had no apparent ability to entertain. Why are people so reverential to aliens with god-like powers who create order and structure?

This was not tenable or propulsive. There are evident problems with this ep. Aspersions are cast. There is a recreation of a famous comic book image. J'onn and Alex are unpleasant. Cadmus does bad bad things. Winn is useless and seems to have drunk lead paint or something as his personality has totally changed. James is barely in this. Kara is not wanted at her completely unearned reporter job by her new disparaging boss.

This was not pertinent. Cat is leaving. Max Lord is still AWOL. This was empathically stupid. Cadmus is not a good place to work. The Fortress of Solitude bores. Kara writes a 500 word story (is that all?) and wants praise. This defies all logic. She ISN’T a reporter. Alex whines about being ignored and one is reminded about how she treated Kara back in 1x01. Alex whines about her ditched medical career and about being overlooked. Metallo 1&2 bore. I’m tired of Alex and her expressed delusions. There is no Lena and a DEO mole is found. Alex will go bad I’m sure. Alex’s obvious stunt double fights people. I’ve seen ‘Kung Fu: The Legend Continues’ episodes better than this.

Best Lines:
“I hope to god she shows up.”

“What it could be if they were no more.”

“Jerk guy.”

“Taking reporter notes.”

“Why the punching?”

“Die remembering him as he was.”

“How grateful you should be that someone is taking care of you.”

“Believing demons are angels.”

“Think with less stabbing.”

“Decide to rule instead of serve.”

“You don’t get a chair.”

“Break you emotionally.”

“Angry gods burned our young.”

“The ego of gods.”

“Think about what you did.”
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