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Book Reviews: The Angry Angel + Children Of Lovecraft, part 1

The Angry Angel by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
This 1998 novel is the 1st of an unfinished trilogy ‘Sisters Of The Night’ about Dracula’s brides. Dracula and his 1st bride bore. This bored and I never read the 2nd one and the 3rd one was never published.

Children Of Lovecraft edited by Ellen Datlow, part 2
From the editor of ‘The Best Horror Of The Year’, ‘Black Heart, Ivory Bones’, ‘Black Swan, White Raven’, ‘Black Thorn, White Rose’, ‘The Cutting Room’, ‘Lovecraft’s Monsters’, ‘Lovecraft Unbound’, ‘Nightmare Carnival’, ‘Poe’, ‘Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears’ and‘ Snow White, Blood Red’ comes this anthology of mythos inspired tales.

During the dustbowl, a girl learns the secret of a shunned farm. A self-serious silly conceit.

Best Lines:
“It was a wrong thing.”

“He said it was settled, and to ask no questions.”

Little Ease
By Gemma Files. This sows confusion as a working class woman gets a job as an exterminator and uncovers the ghastly secret of a tenement. This was unarguably creepy, weird and freakish.

Best Lines:
“A constantly exploited floating class of paperless, voteless, voiceless drones.”


“To parlay directly with those it was designed for.”

Eternal Troutland
By Stephen Graham Jones. A man unravels and is terror prone at possible communication with the other. Okay.

Best Lines:
“Yelled in a way that the fight stopped that instant.”

“For him to participate in this conversation with me.”

The Supplement
A man meets a former colleague and is told a disturbing story. It has to do with a book of creepy origin and what that book does to you. This was okay.

Mortensen’s Muse
A creepy tale of a movie star who was the muse to a photographer who wanted to look and see. Very good.

Oblivion Mode
This was some kind of bizarre fantasy tale that covered a range of possible scenarios and made no damn sense. Discount this.

Mr Doornail
A family have a monster in their house. I had a negative perception of this. No.

The Secret of Insects
A murderer tells a story. Okay.

Excerpts For An Eschatology Quadrille
By Caitlin R. Kiernan. Though the years a statuette brings misfortune and doom. This was excellent.

Jules and Richard
In this slow and irksome tale, a man has rambling psychoses as he meets grimly fascinating ‘people’.

A woman gets new glasses, which has a negative impact and robust consequences. Okay.

When The Stitches Come Undone
A man learns the secrets of the woods which involve chaos, hostility and murder as well as disconcertingly apocalyptic despair. This is a goodish example of this anthology’s trademark pessimism. This also showcases rural threat and an emotionally scarred depressive who fatalistically submits.
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