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12 Monkeys 2x05-2x07 Reviewed

Bodies Of Water
Why did the 12 Monkeys gang release the virus if their endgame is something different? Why do they have visions and mess with time? Is the virus threat over? Cole meets older Jennifer. Where did the scavs go? Cassie whines. Who is the Foreman? Jennifer was in the loony bin and now she has friends and an apartment we see her get her tortoise.

Cassie is a snot and there is a fistfight. Ramse plots. Jennifer recalls her mother’s fate. Cassie is all opportunism and is an insatiable arse. Jennifer is distraught and shows off her prophetic childhood art. There are power struggles in the 12 Monkeys and Pallid Man also called the Tall Man by Jennifer shows up. Jennifer sees a map. Deacon quips and refuses to die. This was good.

Best Lines:
“This is not what you foretold.”

“It’s time Jesus.”

“Casa de childhood trauma.”

“The world lived. Imagine my great disappointment.”

Ramse’s son doesn’t talk like a child. There are Ramse/Cole slash jokes. In 1975 Cole and Ramse run around and encounter a baldy beaky cop (David Marciano of ‘Due South’) whilst in 2016 Cassie meets who she thinks is The Witness namely Aaron (Noah Bean). Cole drinks Tab and tries to reason with a serial killer. Cassie trips and finally realises there is no honest rustic integrity here. Cole is an arse, Cassie whines and you can see the wall of the set bend during a fight. There are twists and babbling and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“Smells like old.”

“That wasn’t coffee.”

“Your life ain’t about you anymore.”

“We should find some and drink it.”

Stuff happens in 1959. Jones can shave her legs in 2044. The time machine becomes unstable. Where is Marcus? The Witness strikes and Sam, Ramse and David all feel the effects. Cassie has had a brain snap. There is suddenly an underground river and Cole won’t be quiet. What garbage food do they eat in 2044? This was okay. Where is Sam? Where is Ramse going?
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