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Tutankhamen 1x02 + The Americans 4x02 + Supergirl 2x01 Reviewed

Tutankhamen 1x02
Plummy voiced toffs return to Egypt in 1918. Carter loses his government job for using a bathhouse or something. This was written by Guy Burt. Is that the same Guy Burt who wrote the brilliant novel ‘After The Hole’? Has Carter’s dig really been untouched since 1914? Carter is noticeably unwelcome and it is his inescapable lot in life to be unpopular. There are silly accents and rampant malaise. There is fat arsed greed and flippancy. This was not a stately and grandiose drama. This strives for genteel respectability. Nobody has any ethical considerations. Carter is an ardent believer in himself.

This series is not much acclaimed. It has no dark wit or proud and honourable souls. There is no sense of inquiry or excitement. Max Irons is dismally uninteresting as Carter. Everything he does is lazy, dismissive, cheap and unpleasant. He has cold eyes and seriously grates. This complete whimsy is not believably fraught. Random cheesy abuse is yelled. There are no nuances or idiosyncrasies of a real living person by anyone.

People have blasé attitudes. You wouldn’t believe WW1 had ended or that the Spanish flu is currently killing millions. There is hectoring and this was cheap, boring, insincere and empty. It is wildly frustrating. The armistice has been signed; nobody seems to care about the dead. Carter is hideously condescending. The agonisingly contrived yank who is a textureless nobody returns. Carter dresses like Lawrence of Arabia and has poorly thought out aspirations.

Nobody has an emotionally deep connection. People speak in negative language. Carter is arrogant, humourless, rude and full of distain, derision and banalities. This was not carefully crafted. Evelyn shows up to annoy. Carter is increasingly beleaguered. He has no money just animosity and fretfulness. People have heightened emotions and this ep is overwhelmingly reliant on sap and cheese. There is garrulousness and broadly hostile people with moral superiority and or amused scepticism. Carter is indignant and has romantic dysfunction. This was a grotesque failing. Evelyn has contrived ignorance. Events invariably reveal that the English are not popular. TPTB bring about the effective destruction of interest. There is dishonesty and self pleasing ideologies.

There are no empirical facts in this ep as people yap about home rule, have foreshadowing and throw about accusations of pinkoism. This was intellectually pitiful and invoked no contentedness. There are verbal assaults and I disliked this intensely. This was made with no panache or flair just paucity of quality. Carter grates and so is continually scuppered. But at last something is found. What could it be?

Best Lines:
“Their kind of chap.”

“Eats with them.”

“No longer sound.”

“The ice ran out in 1915 followed by the servants.”

“You there!”

“Nobody seems that friendly anymore.”

“You’re not digging, you’re hunting.”

“Find a hole and look in it.”

“Some frightful fuss.”

“A man of decision and conviction.”

“Can’t find what’s not there.”

“What is there here for me?”

Pastor Tim
Philip and Elizabeth brood about EST and Paige and Pastor Tim while continuing to ignore Henry. Gabriel orders Philip into a dire predicament and gives them a computer to teach the kids life skills. A toxic combination of misery and casual declarations of doom surround the Jennings clan. Opprobrium flies. This ep was an also ran. Elizabeth learns Paige opened her fat mouth. People are mad, sad and bad. Elizabeth is a vociferous advocate of death. Things are completely irreconcilable with a happy ending. Stan has collective idiocy. There is misery porn and this doesn’t endlessly ramp up the tension. People have infuriating tones as they stand around IKEA sets. This was painfully imperfect. TPTB are begging to be congratulated on this show that nobody watches. Philip has seeds of doubt. Nobody has outdated 80s hairstyles. This was tedious baloney. Nina meets her husband. A girl listens to ‘Tainted Love’ as Philip murders someone on an airport shuttle bus. No one has honourable intentions. This had a slender narrative. Stan talks to Oleg. Elizabeth and her overstyled feverishly tonged hair is sad. Henry bonds with Stan. Paige has angry resentment and is all virtue triumphant.

Best Lines:
“There’s nastier stuff than this?”

“None of this is what I wanted.”

“Tens of thousands of people start oozing pus all over the streets of DC.”
“So it’s safe in my house?”
“What do you want me to say? There’s a reason these things are kept in hermetically sealed bio-containment labs.”

The Adventures Of Supergirl
Why did Kara’s genius parents not compensate for the Krypton aftershock? There are exposition dumps and Kara sustains the current moral order. There is a retcon of the end of season 1 as Chris Wood of ‘Containment’ in found in the pod. There is a new title card and the DEO have a new office. This society presumes the existence of omniscient saviours. Brenda Strong, Katie McGrath and Tyler Hoechlin guest star.

The Venture a commercial spacecraft is to launch. This ep rips off ‘Superman Returns’ and the pilot ep of ‘Lois & Clark’. Lex Luthor is mentioned as being in jail after a reign of terror. The Venture is in peril and Superman (Hoechlin of ‘Teen Wolf’) must save the day in slo-mo. Where does the cape fit under his regular clothes? There is bad wire work and Clark/Superman has a resolute voice. Kara is not decisive. Clark and fake Hank don’t like each other. This was good if not remarkably vivid. The divinely gifted Clark and Kara bother Lena Luthor (McGrath of ‘Merlin’ and ‘Jurassic World’). She is the adopted sister of the jailed Lex and she runs Luthorcorp now. Lena is beleaguered by the duo, this was not fearsome drama. Lena is treated with instinctive aversion due to her name. Is she going to deceitful lengths? Probably.

Where is Maxwell Lord? Clark is all yearning insincerity. Fake Hank named Kryptonite and stockpiles it. Alex is sidelined. People try to kill Lena. There is no emotional truth. This was not necessarily memorable but I want to see where things go. Winn joins the DEO, nobody cares. James refuses to romance Kara anymore. WTF? Cat has clear expectations regarding behaviour. Kara has no emotional resilience. Nobody has an animated conversation. Cat blathers. Intergang are mentioned. Lex got 32 life-sentences? What did he do? Luthorcorp is renamed. Gravely damaging things happen. Lena has tough attributes. There is no healthy physical contact. Very convenient bits of metal save the day. I’m sure Clark and Kara are strikingly underestimating Lena. Kara decides to be a reporter. Oh joy. Strong pops up as the big bad leader of Cadmus. Mmmmm.

Best Lines:
“Space talk.”

“Long live Metallo!”

“Your strip mall wardrobe.”

“Sleeping is for slackers.”

“Does this dressing look drizzled on?”

“She went to Yale.”
“So did George Bush.”

“Even rotting in maximum security.”

“We’re moving back to Gotham.”

“We must keep daring.”
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