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Book Reviews: 1916 A Country Is Born + Feedback

1916: A Country Is Born An Illustrated Guide To The Easter Rising by Fergal McCarthy
This is an amateurishly drawn and simplistic take that screeches out its version of history and expects those in earshot to comply. This was not thematically significant or remarkably vivid.

Best Lines:

“The one who did away with the wives.”

“Ethnic dilution.”

“Introduce you to the joys of plague, famine and population decline.”

“Have a train station named after you?”

Feedback by Mira Grant
I had no idea this 4th book in the ‘Newsflesh’ saga even existed. This does not cover the vile antics of the dismissive cavalier Masons, instead it retells the events of ‘Feed’ from a different perspective. Ash, Ben, Audrey and Mat are poor bloggers documenting the social turmoil of the post-Rising world. They’re also DIVERSE don’t you know.

Ash is a badly named wildly inaccurate Irish woman who speaks and acts like no Irish woman would. Grant’s view of Ireland seems to be from 1850. Ash thinks her blog is of such enormity and news plurality. She prances around lecturing the reader and others on SOCIAL JUSTICE and is wildly selfish and spews populist messages. She and her gang get the chance to cover the democratic campaign of the presidential election of 2040, while they dress in shabby hooker chic, lack dignity and respect and feel morally obligated to be advocates about how they are DIVERSE and how they are great SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS.

I would have no interest in ever knowing Ash but I did enjoy reading a deeper look at the post-Rising world and it is a very different viewpoint from that of the spoilt snotty Masons. This was enjoyable but why does Grant feel it her social and moral responsibility to go on author tracts? This was not an erudite howl as the dislikeable Ash uncovers a simmering swamp of scandal while reminding us she a wonderful and important writer of influence. She is full of disrespect and her so called levity, wit, content and philosophy is annoying. She is just totally impervious to reason and opportunistic.

This was a vast improvement over the dull and achingly conventional ‘Deadline’ and ‘Blackout’ even if Ash is the sort who gets shouty at parties and spews hateful abuse and moral censoriousness around.

Best Lines:
“We have to treat you as belligerent.”

“Running around the wilderness harassing the legally dead.”

“Everyone’s afraid of you.”
“I worked hard to make them that way,”

“Black-market garden supply shops.”
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