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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘A Streetcat Named Bob’ TV spot

‘The Flash’ 3x04 promo
A guy travels through mirrors, fecking Iris annoys, there are jokes, Wells going grey and Jesse in costume.

‘HIM’ 1x02 promo

‘The Fall’ promo

‘Tutankhamen’ 1x03 promo

Best Lines:
“Unsettling rumours.”

“Do you see anything?”
“Yes. Wonderful things.”

‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ season 2 promo
Go away Damien and will the plot get forward momentum!

‘Rawhide’ opening credits
Clint Eastwood was so young.

‘The Magicians’ Season 2 look
Behind the scenes and the throne room.

Slightly salted crisps - yum.

Had a ‘Shades Of Blue’ dream about Donnie.

I’ve never seen ‘Doc Hollywood’ (1991) and have no plan to. ‘Witchfinder General’ (1968) was Grand Guignol horror.

‘Our Girl’ gets yet another series and yet ‘The Last Witch’ and ‘The Psychopath Next Door’ weren’t picked up. Boo!

Recall ‘Cindy’ annuals?

Read who died on 'The Walking Dead', who still watches this?

WTF is fried celery?

Anyone been to Longueville House?

It seems I alone like ‘The X Files’ episode ‘Agua Mala’.

RIP Pete Burns.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Communicate frightening personal truths.”

“Merchant of gloom.”

“Tactical reticence.”

“The royals at a five-century remove.”

“Stare at a wall.”

“Famously unemotional.”

“Pertinent clue.”

“Why have I been cast as a mad seagull?”

“He is meant to be ignored and dismissed and stared past.”

“Intensely naïf.”

“Raw, feral, real.”

“Her life is another series of hand-wringing Guardian columns.”

“Slyly anticipating their arrival.”

“Every scene comes with a prepackaged political point.”

“I know what I’m meant to think about this film.”

“What’s the point of Isla Fisher on any day of the week? She is the poor man’s Rose Byrne.”

“The bad guy wears black leather gloves, the clear sign of a murderer at all times.”

“World domination through sewage.”

“It’s hard to defend yourself.”

“That’s not a good enough reason.”

“What actually, precisely, is the point of it now?”

“Wit of no conceivable practical value.”

“Had a whiff of the carnival about him.”

“Digging behind the myths and the anecdotes.”

“Not the first controversial imperial favourite.”

“Desperate for spiritual companionship.”

“A walking stereotype.”

“Something dashed off to pay the school fees.”

“Do not nurture or compromise.”

“Harmful strictures.”

“Dressing like a slut zombie.”

“Cry with fear.”

“Hugely sinister.”

“People stand silently staring, sometimes carrying a chainsaw or a machete.”

“Smug and sorted.”

“Nothing oracular about them.”

“I had to honour my commitment to myself.”

“72 previous genocides.”

“One person should be able to satisfy all our needs: friendship, intimacy, passion.”

“No one believes you.”


“I had to prove I was born a woman.”

“That a theatrical showdown when we’ve been wronged is the way to go.”

“Their power has drained away.”

“A calamity beyond commiseration.”

“Offensive poshness.”

“Politely sterile.”

“The finickiest eater outside of a Siamese cat’s home.”


“What should I say about it? That it’s there.”

“Unresolved personal trauma.”

“Horrid decision.”

“The biggest event in the history of our civilization. It could also be the last.”

“Most famous unwanted houseguest.”

“The more you know, the less you sleep.”


“He hasn’t had a great reputation for a while now.”

“Not a nice man to me.”

“Whose sole aim appears to be to get naked with him.”

“Done things in his life of which he cannot speak, never mind brag.”

“Reassure their children that the bombing is thunder.”

“Our kids ain’t never even played together.”

“Not a stranger to hypocrisy.”

“It is their fault that they are poor.”

“The less amusing they have found him.”

“The worst of the liberal value system.”

“The marginalisation of their values by political, media and legal elites.”

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Quotes:
“Have me escorted out by security.”

“Do that to your own career.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She’s lied to the whole family.”

“So hateful.”

“Made my life worse.”

“Third DUI.”

“Did not like what she discovered.”

“I don’t really need another lecture.”

“Behaviours you’ve displayed.”

“Occasion and circumstance.”

“A terrible falling out between the two of you.”

“I can’t support that.”

“You’ve always been hateful to me.”

“Not thankful.”

“Marijuana in her bowels.”

“Direction of positive change.”

“Not a success only journey.”

“Trust should be restored.”

“Get in a fight in the car with the baby there.”

“Fraught with lies and betrayal.”

“Fell asleep in the drive-through.”

“People in the community talk.”

“Always been the instigator.”

“Thrives on causing drama.”

“Pretty much left the family.”

“She asked me for urine.”

“Nobody is owning anything.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“I can no longer deal with them.”

“Anger is not a plan.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Nana’s back. Lisa whines. Mac insults James and gets punched in the face. Jade is gone from the opening credits. Why does Mac hate James so much? The Lovedays comfort Sonia. James is in such pain and wears a lurid shirt. Why is he an outcast from his own family? Myra is a shrieking screeching slapper. Nobody is stupid enough to try to actually act. Lisa and Sonia’s dad shows up. Marnie is vile. Nathan is teeth-grindingly awful. James is barred from Jade’s funeral by his hateful family. He’s not necessarily ever welcome by them anyway. This is textbook miseablism that lacks any foundation of believability. People sing ‘Black Magic’ at Jade’s funeral and she has a tacky hearse. Nathan continues to be hateful. I had a dream about James. Pedro with no distinguishing features lurks. Lisa of all people points out the obvious to Nathan. James won’t tell and Nathan won’t listen.

James is ominous looking and Nathan is lazy and slapdash dressing like he slept in his clothes. Alfie is despairing. John-Paul and James hang out. John-Paul likes the damaged ones doesn’t he? Jade is now an experience that goes unrecorded except in memory. Neeta needs a slap, the Nightingales act like she never existed. The clan do endless denigrating of James. Diego is in prison. Alfie can’t act. Jade shows up as his psychotic hallciantion. Sonia’s dad is moving to Belgium and asks her to come. James has no joyous rage. John-Paul tries to tell Nathan the truth. Read a massive spoiler re: Joe. Shrug.

Best Lines:
“Did you ever bother to find out?”

“I’m so sorry.”
“It’s a bit late for that!”

“I like James.”
“Why? He literally has no redeemable features.”

“Ask anyone in the family what he’s like."
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