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Book Reviews: Dracula’s Brood, part 3 + The Women In The Walls + Carpe Jugulum

Dracula’s Brood edited by Richard Dalby, part 3

The Old Portrait
A vampire painting. This was unaffiliated with quality.

Marsyas In Flanders
The secret of a relic. Okay.

An Unscientific Story
A man misappropriates God’s work. Erodes interest.

The Feather Pillow
A woman has blissful unawareness of her vampire pillow. Silly.

The Singular Death Of Morton
Two idiots prance around the hills and dales. Ugh.

Aylmer Vance And The Vampire
A psychic detective takes on a Scottish vampire. This was stringently clichéd.

The Sumach
Another angry molesting tree. This was okay with an interesting concept and the use of the phrase “evil dead”.

Wailing Well
By M.R. James. Scouts encounter a cursed field. This was excellent and very funny.

The Tree Of Death
Yet another angry molesting tree. Terrible.

Another Squaw?
Evil fish. NO.

The Living Stone
A village has no containment or control of an ominous standing stone. Good.

Best Line:
What could any man do against fifty tons of granite made animate?”

Princess Of Darkness
A man encounters a vampire. No.

Best Lines:
“For I am convinced, that she and her father have been as active from the tomb as they were in life.”

“His incoherent warnings rang in our ears as we drove away.”

“Know it to the home of evil things.”

The Women In The Walls by Amy Lukavics
From the author of the non-compelling ‘Daughters Unto Devils’ comes this excellent gothic horror novel of Lucy Acosta who lives with her father, aunt and cousin in a mansion in the woods. Then her aunt vanishes, her cousin goes mad and her father couldn’t care less. What is Lucy to do? What is going on? What is the secret of the house and those that dwell in it? This is a tale of secrets and horror that reminds me of Virginia Andrews. Nothing is as it seems.

Best Lines:
“The girl lives in a beautiful doll house made of stone,...But underneath her shining plastic smile, there are only screams.”

“Why on earth would Margaret have hidden a jar of teeth in her closet? How did she even get these?”

“Even in death, people can’t find things about my cousin that they liked.”

“He doesn’t work on anything hard enough to need such an extensive office.”

Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett
This 1999 novel sees asocial vampires with parasitic natures who are devoid of feelings of responsibility descend on Lancre. The witches aren’t having this and fight the vampires and their narcissistic disregard for the effects of their actions on others. The vampires have ego-centrism and complete indifference. Someone else has an axe. This was okay with much homages to old Hammer movies.

Best Lines:
“Why do they choose to live in old castles which offer so much in the way of ways to defeat a vampire, like easily torn curtains and wall decorations that can readily be twisted into a religious symbol?”

“A symbol of a credulous past.”

“Posh runny writing.”

“When people were in serious trouble they went to a witch...Sometimes of course, to say, ‘Please stop doing it.””

“How does a door stop vampires?”
“Stop them? It’s a door.”
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