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DCI Banks (2010 - 2016) 4x01 + HIM (2016) 1x01 Reviewed

What Will Survive - part 1
This is based on a series of novels I’ve never heard of and has dull opening credits and a grim rural setting. A gruesome murder is uncovered and it is surrounded by such secrecy. DCI Banks is middle aged and sad and has a ball busting coworker. A socially conservative ranter is ranting. The dead woman has a missing sister. DCI Banks has a particularly infuriating father who doesn’t even bother to tell him his mother has dropped dead from a stroke. This was less dramatic than hoped for. People struggle with disclosure. This is not a cross-generational cultural product.

The dead woman was the good sister and she was looking for her missing bad sister. Why did she have a hacksaw in her purse? Does nobody ever notice people with camera following them? This was all stark reality. DCI Banks has the irrefutable knowledge that his father is an arse who doesn’t like or love him. A nail bar worker is on the game and she’s part of a dubious organisation which dominates the town. There are no moral traditions. The big bad dominates so many cultural lives. There are no societal benefits to this show.

The obviously evil family run whores, pies, scrap metal and holiday homes - they’re like the Mitchells off ‘Eastenders’ without the wigs, fights and rubbish crack addict. The matriarch is an old battle axe. The ball-busting hard faced cop has a fairness bias. She is awful. There was a cliffhanger and this was mmm. It was however preferable to watching all those orange men on ‘Million Dollar Listing’.

Best Lines:

“Not any more you’re not.”

“I offer adult company.”

“Got nowt to do with me.”

“It wasn’t and he hadn’t.”

“Basic existential doubt.”

“And you are?”

“Your waste of space father.”


“We want a word.”
“Well I don’t.”

“Registered drug addict.”

HIM (2016) 1x01
This is an okay ITV drama about a teenage boy with powers. His parents are divorced dad is the git from ‘Primeval’ playing another git. His mother (the one from ‘The Last Witch’) has a new husband, a stepdaughter and a baby. She stole her husband away from his now dead wife. The git father was stolen away by his new wife who is pregnant with twins. There is a nastily portentous voiceover by the stepdaughter. The son is temperamentally unfit and seriously negative. His father prefers his new wife, his stepson and his unborn twins to his surly son. And it is easy to see why.

This was not happy or optimistic. The brat is highly fractious and doesn’t generate an iota of sympathy. His father roars ferally. He in return sulks, does weed and nearly kills his parents and baby half brother in a car crash. He is not affecting with his ill-defined misery and sheer tediousness and sense of disconnect. His stepfather moves his daughter in. His father shouts taunts. I’m bored of his derealisation, grievances and endless excuses. He’s not thoughtful or capable, just a difficult blighter.

This reminds me of ‘Carrie’ and ‘The Spell’. He tries to kill his stepfather and goes on being ceaselessly annoying. Nobody is the person they used to be. His stepmother and the pillow under her dress has his number and dislikes him. He has no magnamity or understanding. He’s not an amiable rogue just an attention seeking, irredeemable shameless jerk. His powers are genetic and something bad happened to his grandfather who also had them. His father doesn’t have them, maybe. He fancies his stepsister and has random fits of defiance. When his stepmother lays down the law, he tries to kill her. This was okay. His attention seeking ways disgust me. It’s his own fault he feels increasingly isolated.

Best Lines:
“How are things at home?”
“Which one?”

“Lacklustre to say the least.”

“I am thorough apologising.”

“My fault of course.”

“There’s nothing in the dark that’s not there in the light.”

“All the crap ends.”
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