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Trailers, Quotes and a 1999 Tape Tale

‘Tales Of Halloween’ trailer
Me likey!

‘I, Daniel Blake’ promo
A grim portrait/rant about social cleansing and being made to work.

Best Line:
“You’ve created a scene.”

‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ promo

‘Digigo’ ad

‘Clingons’ ad

‘Shaun The Sheep’ opening credits

‘Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove’ promo

‘Poppit’ ad

‘Lego Friends Horse Sets’ ad

‘CHiP’ ad

‘Gaming Drone’ ad

‘Secret Safe Diary Visual’ ad

‘My 3D Boutique’ ad

‘Playmobile Water Park/Pirates’ ad
Is spin the octopus a metaphor?

‘Monopoly Empire’ ad

‘Haven’ promo

‘Zoomer Chimp’ ad

‘Sister Act’ (1992) trailer

‘The Accountant’ TV spot

Milk chocolate - good.
Cinnamon & Sugar doughnut - nice.
Chilli & Garlic rapeseed oil - yum.

I will read ‘Find Her’ and ‘Feedback’.

There will be a ‘Trick R Treat 2’?

There is a ‘Hannibal’ cookbook?

Who else misses the old ‘Home and Away’ theme song and Joey?

Why do Mars probes keep failing?

The UK and Portugal have the highest levels of TB in the UK?

I read what ‘American Crime Story’ season 3 will be about. Shrug.

The ‘Control’ cover is cool.

Anyone ever see ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’ or ‘Fresh’?

‘Bella’ magazine has gone to the dogs.

‘Feedback’ Quote:
“I volunteered for the spring sheep shearing, normally an activity reserved for people who’d committed crimes against the government.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Despair was absolute.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Void of intelligence.”

“Stupid in their decisions.”

“Have withdrawn from me and it’s a subject that is never mentioned.”

“Makes it bearable.”

“Overwhelming sense of loneliness and isolation.”

“Largely negative.”

“I don’t think it represents the heritage which I shown growing up.”

“Undiscriminating destroyer.”

“An unprecedented outburst of humility.”

“Recreational acquisitiveness.”

“Sickening reverence.”

“Unlovely example.”

“Eating a whisk broom.”

“Fairy floss.”

“Unintentional cross-contamination.”

“Fermentation tower.”

“Secretive nature.”

“The aesthetic was kind of trendy but that was unintentional.”


“Unstated assumption.”

“No longer know how to share a space with others.”

“Their larynx is not adjusted to civility.”

“Flint from stone tools over 5,000 years old.”

“Personality was crafted in post production.”


“This is not an event.”

“Law-breaking seen as a normal way of life.”

“The ability of parents to write a destructive narrative for their children.”

This turmoil has often been forced upon them by the people who were meant to love them.”

“Pursue the authors of offences.”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“Visually observed treatment.”

“London lung conference.”

“Rage against social injustice.”

‘Teen Titans Go!’ Quotes:
“Intergalactic gravel.”

“The cries of terror have stopped.”

“Do not die so quickly.”

“Flame air.”

“My lungs are burning!”
“What are we breathing?”

‘RSPCA: Animal Rescue’ Quotes:
“She started breeding and over time so did her offspring.”

“A health hazard to the neighbourhood.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I want you back. I’m not well.”

“This I can’t take.”

“You’re not around me.”

“This comes at a cost.”

“She left her family.”

“In a relationship with your daughter’s ex husband.”

“Made a dry ice bomb.”

“Just send him away.”

“Nowhere to come back to.”

“Poured mouthwash on wall.”

“Threw a laptop against the wall.”

“Threw a playsation.”

“Doesn’t allow others to learn.”

“Being judicious.”

“Got straight F’s.”

The Stand’ (1994) Quote:
“Don’t mess with my disco.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Joe is the stupidest man alive as he utterly abandons and scorns Mercedes and hooks up with the obviously mad Joanne. He has form; ten years with Lindsey and he never noticed she was a serial killer. Where is Cindy? Alfie can’t act. Where is Kim? Where is Esther? Jade dies. Blame culture will kick in soon. TPTB hinder initiative.

Cleared out a tape from 1999. It began with an ‘X Files’ ep ‘One Son’ which has a trivialising effect. There is narration and none of this is emotionally devastating or abundantly charming. This was facile. It was all retconned away later of course. Spender acts in a contemptuous way. This was completely and utterly lacking and was a disappointment. People babble.

Then came a ‘Nash Bridges’ ep ‘Superstition’ in which evil Goths stalk a singer. This was not made with a high level of care. This was extremely determined to be stupid and one can only watch Yasmine Bleeth and wonder how her cocaine addiction was at this point in time.

Best Line:
“Do I need to know you?”

Then came a ‘Xena Warrior Princess’ ep 'Deja Vu All Over Again' in which there are bad wigs, bad acting, a modern day setting and this was not to the show’s advantage. This was not entirely amusing and was ill-remembered.

Then came another ’X Files’ ep ’Agua Mala’ in which a storm in Florida washes in more than the tide. There is something in the water and the git from ’Grimm’ runs around stealing an old fashioned TV. This was good.


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