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Book Review: Dracula's Brood, part 2

Dracula’s Blood edited by Richard Dalby, part 2

A Mystery Of The Campagna
Flamboyantly artistic types fall victim to a vampire. No.

Best Lines:
“Lonely enough to be murdered in.”

“Being uselessly mysterious.”

“A certain disappointment at not finding him murdered.”

“Most abominable ravings.”

Ken’s Mystery
A wildly racist tale of a vampire in Ireland. This not a source of fascination.

Let Loose
An okay tale of an evil hand.

Best Lines:
“Her talk a weariness.”

“A man of a vile life.”

“An abomination to his household.”

The Parasite
By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A ‘gentleman’ becomes hysterical about a hypnotist. This was ridiculous.

Best Lines:
“There would be a scene, and you would be looked upon as a brute.”

“If I did my duty to society, you would never leave this room alive.”

Good Lady Ducayne
A girl becomes a companion to an old woman. This was an obvious vampire tale without any vampires in it.

Best Line:
“He won’t allow her to read a novel, French or English, that he has not read and approved.”

A Dead Finger
A man is haunted by a finger. Stupid.

Best Lines:
“Evidently the finger was alarmed.”

“We the social failures.”

A man murders his wife, but she still won’t let go. Terrible.

The Stone Chamber
2 friends stay at an old Abby. Things happen, this was okay but all the women were useless.

Best Line:
“Theirs was a family to which black deeds had been credited.”

The Vampire Maid
Another sexist piece of clap-trap.
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