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Tutankhamen (2016) 1x01 +The Americans 4x01 Reviewed

Tutankhamen (2016) 1x01
A 4 part ITV show about Howard Carter and his benefactor Lord Carnarvon. It opens in 1905 and Carter finds a door in the Valley Of The Kings. Carter is clearly intent on violence and has a fake moustache. He is played by Max Irons of ‘The White Queen’ who has inherited none of his father or mother’s talent. Sam Neill of ’Daybreakers’ is Lord Carnarvon.

Carter sees supposed slights everywhere. Fezs are worn. Carter is an arse with no concept of conflicting viewpoints. Carter annoys. This was far from ideal. Carnarvon has no concept of archaeology but would like to know more. Suddenly it is 1907. This eschews logic. People think no great tombs are left; all were robbed within a couple of decades of being sealed. Nobody since the time of the Pharaohs has seen an intact royal tomb. Carnarvon coos over a 3400 year old artefact. I saw the King Tut exhibit at the 02 a few years ago and it was better than this.

A cup is found, Carter realises it is tied to Tutankhamen. But it is 300 miles away from what was his capital. Carter meets Carnarvon’s daughter Evelyn. She has red hair and a blank face. Carter feels societal pressure. He hangs out with a mad hairy guy in a hole. Ah, the early days of Egyptology. There is mention of “all this nonsense in Europe”. Carter puts it all together and does triangulation of where he thinks the tomb of King Tut is. An annoying American woman lurks. There is mention of a curse and rampant exposition. The quest for the lost and forgotten tomb is interrupted by the outbreak of World War 1. When did it become 1914?!?! There is war and conscription and the dig is on hold. Ugh.

Best Line:
“You sit up on it.”

“They’re calling us back.”

“You silly man.”

“Nothing left to find.”

“It’s war sir.”
“What here?”
“It’s everywhere.”

“He’s waited 3000 years. I believe he can wait a while longer.”

“60 holes and nothing in anything of them.”

“I want to find more.”

“Get a proper patron.”

“The coffin was desecrated.”

“Batsh#t, I take issue with.”

“No domestic items of any kind.”

“The heretic king dead.”

“Where did they go?”

“Sand blew in, people blew out.”

“Full of cobras.”

“End of an age.”

“We’ve never found him.”

“Thrown into an unmarked grave along with his heretic father.”

“People get in the way.”

There are more unbearable requests made of the spies. Martha whines. There is staring, jaw clenching and over acting. Dylan Baker is in this. Paige annoys. Elizabeth tries to interest Paige in spycraft. This show is heading into ‘The Sentinel’, ‘Millennium’, ‘The Leftovers’, ‘11.22.63’ and ‘iZombie’ levels of unwatchability. Stan is lectured on truth and clarity. Gabriel lectures. Philip looks constipated and people mumble about bio-weapons. Nina has a delusion of hope. Annoying Paige and Pastor Tim and his bad hair chat. Nobody gets banged pornographically in this ep.

Paige has proven incapable of being trusted. I have misgivings about the direction of this show. I’m not keen or intent on seeing more. This ep was downright wrong. Philip wears a fake beard and Elizabeth wears a bad wig. Philip and Elizabeth argue. Baker and his butter face plays a source. There is a flashback to a young Philip and his emotional state. WTF is up with the encounter group crap? There are no encouraging prospects. Philip is always wordlessly miserable. Gaad looms. There are power struggles in the embassy. Martha’s hair is so big because it’s full of secrets. Is Stan watching Martha? Stan is jealous over Philip talking to Sandra.

Best Lines:
“Is everything all right?”

“Everybody there kind of hates me now.”

“I’ll take you at your nod.”

“Anger is a concept.”

“Did you know you were under surveillance?”
“No, I just thought random people couldn’t stop staring at me because I’m so handsome.”
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