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Book Review: Autumn Cthulhu, part 2

Autumn Cthulhu edited by Mike Davis, part 2

An old man wonders about his neighbours. This was all dull silent anxiety.

DST (Fall Back)
A man learns his ex-lover has turned into a crazy person who shouts at clouds. Sense is not forthcoming.

The Black Azalea
Something unpleasant grows in an old woman’s garden. This is a contrived situation and this was pretty unpleasant and cringe worthy.

After The Fall
A storm reveals things in the sky. An apprehensive man sill finds time to fight with his cruelly mocking wife. This was okay.

This was a way too long tale of a boy, his father, his father’s friend and a monster. This was oppressively honed into predictability.

Best Lines:
“Want nothing of what it represented.”

“I wouldn’t if I could.”

End Of The Season
A man learns the secret of an island. This was okay.

Water Main
A bitter and resentful woman stomps off tired of her useless boyfriend and runs across improbable weirdness. This was winsomely dumb. This was not strangely unsettling or immensely complicated.

The Stiles of Palemarch
A lost and lonely man is the arthitect of misfortune. This was a suitably cold tale of inexorable fate.

Best Line:
“Found displeasure in their company.”

Grave Goods
By Gemma Files. A bickering archaeological dig leads to arguments, recriminations and a horrific discovery. Emotive subjects are touched on with grand style and there are profound consequences to not listening. This was excellent.

Best Lines:
“And the chance to literally uncover something unseen since thousands of years BCE.”

“Yet left forever unaccepted.”

The Well And The Wheel
A girl discovers her father’s dark secrets. Good.

Trick...Or The Other Thing
A borderline incoherent tale of other-worldly revenge.

A Shadow Passing
A tale written with very little discernible effort or realism.

Lavina in Autumn
A very short poem by Ann K. Schwader. Plaintive.
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