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The Last Ship 3x13 + Shades Of Blue 1x13 + National Treasure 1x04 + Reign 3x08 Reviewed

Don’t Look Back
Chandler isn’t sage like anymore and plans to attack the government. The mooing Shaw (Elisabeth Rohm) is orange and evil. Kara has her baby hidden somewhere. There is moral fecklessness and Tex has a kid? Chandler has an alarmist narrative. Where is the dog? There are no disarming levels of excitement. Shaw does maliciously motivated levels of misconduct. This was spurious, it was not extraordinarily bleak. There is no propulsive storytelling and was joyless and patently ludicrous. There is no inventive storytelling and one can’t suspend incredibility sufficiently. Chandler has messed up terribly.

This was not superb, inventive or revelatory. Chandler comes over all moral. Shaw is spitefully manipulative and all bristling defiance. This show is increasingly off putting. Shaw looks like a mindless blow up doll. Everyone has a remarkable lack of self doubt. There is so much vanity and arrogance. People are callow and shallow and create so much drama. None of this is well drawn and none of it is interesting. I am done. This was a dreary little offering full of intensely unlikeable people. I’m done with this show and its sheer flimsiness and technobabble.

Shaw falls short of the standards expected. There is no dramatic narrative. Shaw is priggish, hectoring, stiff, stilted, chilly, distant and intensely disliked. She’s also shrill, demeaning and loud. Chandler has deep chilling conviction that he is right. The former POTUS is dead. Shouting has become the normal mode of communication. This was vacuous not thoughtful or intelligent. Shaw imposes her authority and ruins her name and does not think about what she is saying.

Chandler’s gang mow down Secret Service agents and they are supposed to be the good guys? The XO yells. Chandler’s kids are in peril and his father is dead. Chandler is a commodore no more. Shaw killed the former POTUS and she does a motive rant. How did Tex get on the plane? How did Tex done fall down dead? Shaw ‘provokes’ Chandler into shooting her dead. This was all bitterness, sneering disbelief and ritualised narcissism. Who is the blank faced woman Chandler makes goo-goo eyes at? How does this keep getting renewed? I’m done.

Best Lines:
“Kill track.”

“Will know we died so he didn’t have to grow up in a world like this.”

“Nukes are too messy.”

“Just me and 115 people in a Cost-Co.”

“Bypass the purifier.”

“Work faster!”

“Aim at the smoke.”

“Another Golden Calf to worship.”

“The man who ran the safe zone, he locked my sister and my nephew and my mother out. Not because they were sick but because he wanted more food for himself.”

One Last Lie
Harlee has the stolen money but not for long. Stahl is coming undone. Wozniak has a chat with him. Christina is an idiot. Wozniak comes to certain realisations about Donnie. Loman kills Donnie after a brawl. Alas poor Donnie, even if he was fairly psychopathic. Wozniak is awful. Won’t IA wonder about Donnie vanishing? Who was Harlee making that recording for? Miguel unleashes his very threatening side.

People behave sketchily. There is no chance of redemption for Donnie. Wozniak did care for him, violence and threats aside. Donnie played him well. People are motivated by sinister means. Christina whines about her life’s circumstances. Christina is abrupt and ungrateful. Wozniak and his erotic predilections is menaced. Who was Donnie’s boss? Wozniak and his normalised physically invasive behaviour broods Harlee and her crew should be in jail. Harlee does not one but two tearful confessions of guilt. Will Wozniak miss Donnie?

Wozniak and his sordid charisma broods. Christina has bad grace. This was a compelling personal saga. Harlee’s boy toy is dismissed. There is uncomfortable logic, moralistic ranting and Miguel’s mother is insufficiently cosy. Stahl steals people’s lives and moulds them to his liking. Stahl failed to ensure the implementation of the case and throws Molly under a bus. Not a literal one. Stahl is still Harlee obsessed. Sleaze is embedded into the very fabric of him. Harlee bends to others expectations. Wozniak has no doubt and no compromise, he radiates power and rage. Who is Christina’s never before mentioned or seen aunt? Harlee wails and Wozniak and his rotted personality plots.

Stahl is shifty. Wozniak is unusually calm. Things go awry with seeming inevitability. Poor Donnie. Miguel gets angrier. He’s debauched looking and a desperate Harlee finds his breaking point. This was good. Roll on season 2.

Best Lines:
“I can’t protect you on this.”
“Good to know.”

“You get to be concerned.”

“So that’s what the root of all evil looks like.”

“None of it was enough.”

“It was self defence.”
“In my kitchen?”

“Do you work on the Batman voice?”

“He was a bad cop who did bad things and something bad happened to him. Amen.”

“I cared for you Donnie. You played me.”

“I don’t want her to know you!”

“You decide where he swings it.”
“Not at me. I know that.”

“He knows what I’m buying.”

“I’m a prosecutor and I don’t believe you.”

“Take everything I give you and you’re going to act like you like it.”

National Treasure 1x04
Paul’s malignant bidding is done. Susan Lynch pops up as the grown up babysitter. Pseudo-profound things happen. Marie stays. The trial takes place. Paul isn’t mugging amusingly anymore. This was not emotionally intense. The trial drags on with explicit testimony Marie bangs Karl. There is no empathetic sensitivity. Paul is not the victim of vile slurs. Danielle is not soul baring and is incapable of expressing affection. Marriage to Paul doesn’t seem to have filled Marie with joy. Interest is totally absent. Karl testifies. This was not substantive. There are more flashbacks that show Paul is guilty and the hooker from 1x01 attends the trial for no readily apparent reason. Paul is not affectionate. His defence is impoverished. He’s acquitted despite being guilty. Did he molest Danielle? Where did Marie go? Oh who cares.

Best Lines:
“We paid handsomely for your innocence.”

“Bit ethnic.”

“We could re-enact some tampon adverts together.”

“You coming in or are you just loitering suspiciously?”

“He’ll set traps. Don’t fall into them.”

“Now is not the time for this conversation.”

“You’ve never loved me the way you thought you did.”

Our Undoing
Mary and Catherine cover up their BDSM near murder of Don Carlos (Mark Ghanime). This is not idiotically delightful. The court observes no certain formality. There is materialism and no initial joy. Mary is unwelcoming. There is no broadly chronological narrative. Mary is not unusually thoughtful. There is no burning sense of urgency. Claude whines. Catherine is outraged she is being accused of poisoning Francis, Claude points out that Catherine poisoned her. Nothing real or sinister happens. The Duke Of Alba looms. Greer needs to go.

Don Carlos lives and he and Mary are to marry even if he has been brain damaged by his accident. Mary feels sad for Don Carlos who is the overwhelming beneficiary of her pity. Mary wants to be far removed from scandal: ha ha ha ha HA! Bash lurks being cheerful and jaunty. This was not a good ep. Don Carlos twitches and gawps.

There is bad acting. Lola goes to England to be a hostage in Elizabeth’s court. She is the Sansa Stark of this show. And as if Catherine would allow her to take Francis’ bastard to Scotland. Don Carlos is an idiot, literally. This is not an intense development. Mary’s gross untruths annoy. She is miserable and unloved. Narcisse and Mary share glares.

Narcisse orates and kills his scribe. Lola stomps off. Why won’t Mary go back and rule her own country? Catherine has Francis dug up. Claude kept a diary? This is an ep full of missed opportunities. Where is Margot? This was mishandled. Is immortalisation a 16th century term for embalming?

Best Lines:
“Spain is Spain. If they can colonise half the globe, they can certainly find the two women who destroyed their heir.”

“Which comforts me little.”

“Don’t inhale the smoke. I can’t have another dead monarch on my hands.”

“For our sake, let’s hope it’s permanent.”

“A royal embalming takes a week.”

“That sock just moved.”

“Live a life of unending peril.”

“I am very well aware of my own troubles.”

“He’s been rendered an idiot.”

“Spent years keeping the truth of his bedroom hobbies suppressed.”

“Someone engineers your ruin.”

“Unload the king.”

“A miracle! And our downfall!”
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