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Book Reviews: The Servants Of Hell + The Couple Next Door + Autumn Cthulhu part 1 + Foragers

Sherlock Holmes and The Servants Of Hell by Paul Kane
Sherlock Holmes meets ‘Hellraiser’ in this okay tale. Watson is troubled by Holmes’ emotional distance and dsyfuctionality. As for Holmes, he is increasingly perturbed by a mystery and the intense intimacy of risk. The duo are led into a dangerous world and things will never be the same. This is not bad considering.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
A couple go to a dinner party next door and get drunk. Their newborn baby is left in their house alone. When they return home, their baby is gone. Cue salacious information, people sagging in despair and peoples dirty laundry thrown in the street to be exposed. Explanations have to be given. There are twists and more twists and this was an idiotic ‘Gone Girl’ knock-off about sad and unfortunate people and their social expectations. This started out promisingly but descended into clichés and melodrama and ludicrous silliness.

Best Lines:
“Who says that a six-month-old baby isn’t welcome at a dinner party?”

“Why are you sitting here in the dark with a knife?”

Autumn Cthulhu edited by Mike Davis, part 1
I only learned of the existence of this Lovecraft inspired anthology by chance but I’m glad I did.

The Night is a Sea
A man researches weird events. Then weird things happen and he acts as if there had been nothing conversation stopping about such things. Okay.

In The Spaces Where You Once Lived
A woman cares for her Alzheimers ridden husband. He is talking to something in the woods. This was okay and creepy.

Memories Of The Fall
A writer gives a talk at a school. This was good with a creepy ending.

Andy Kaufman Creeping Through The Trees
By Laird Barron. A high school mean girl and the school fixer/weirdo have an altercation. This was good and creepy.

Best Lines:
“Intentions of malice.”

“Why would a person nail doors shut inside his home?”

There Is A Bear In The Woods
I’m not entirely sure what happened in this tale of politics, the embrace of negativity and a decidedly negative reaction to something in a cornfield. This was okay and does not move dialectically toward a happy ending.

The Smoke Lodge
A group of writers gather together to recall a late colleague. Mmmm.

Foragers by Charles Oberndorf
This 1996 novel sees an ethnographer study aliens. This was dull.
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