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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Monster’ trailer
A mother and her child are in a car accident on a dark road. What did they hit? What is out there? Mmmm.

‘The Flash’ 3x02 promo
Felicity is in this? Who is Alchemy? WTF are TPTB playing at?

‘Timeless’ 1x02 promo
Silly outfits, bad hair and Nazis. An A bomb and fights. Ha!

Best Line:
“Fleming. Ian Fleming.”

‘OMG! My Mum’s Hotter Than Me’ promo

‘Deception’ opening credits
So very 90s, only this wasn’t made in the 1990s.

‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ trailer

‘Prancer’ (1989) ending
Is the reindeer really Prancer? A bad child actress spews snot and tears. The moon shines but it is obviously daylight. Santa shows up with his sleigh to fetch Prancer. Aw.

‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ season 2 promo
Superheroes, Oliver, a dinosaur, Nazis, musketeers and Einstein. There is no Vandal Savage thankfully. There is Jonah Hex, confederates, zombies, Samurai, Thawne and Supergirl. I’ll give it a go.

Best Lines:
“Seducing the Queen Of France.”

“Tell that to Chuck Norris.”

‘Ordinary Lies’ promo

‘The Fall’ promo

‘Black Mirror’ series 3 promo
How did Channel 4 lose the rights?

Peanut butter M&Ms - yum.

A conspiracy of ravens?

I want to read ‘Relic’ by Gretchen McNeil.

Griffin O’Neal of ‘April Fool’s Day’ has aged badly.

I’ll review ‘Crazy Head’.

William Shatner looks bored promoting the big 50th anniversary ‘Star Trek’ anniversary convention.

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quotes:
“Nobody seems to wear a tie in London any longer - only the security guards.”

“One of the first things you are taught in college is you will be unemployed.”

“The 13-day blondes.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“How their circumstances have changed terribly.”

“The last working Royal Mail ship in the world.”

“Fresh fruit arrives on the boat every three weeks.”

“It was sent for repair in South Africa and came back two months later.”

“Psychopathology of denial.”

“Now being held together by fear.”

“Expresses pleasure when stroked.”

‘April Fool’s Day’ (1986) Quotes:
“Let her copy my marginal utility curves.”

“Springsteen! Still the boss!”

“Spend a weekend there?”

“Acting less than normal anyway.”

“Swim all the way back to the mainland if I have to!”

‘Hawaii Five-O’ Quote:
“I killed for God and country for years.”

“He’s not going to miss again.”

‘Josh’ Quotes:
“I am not paying for his spud binge.”

“Just share like normal people.”

“Haven’t used a menu for 10 years.”

“Nature’s fork.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste acts crazy, Harry can’t act and Cindy’s creature from the gutter sister Jude shows up. There is moral degeneration all round. Eva wants Jack dead. There is no bleak realism. There is no menacing presence. Jude rants about past storylines that I’ve no idea about. Eva plots. Ste is shameless in his awfulness. Nico is living with Warren. Something nobody finds weird, creepy or illegal. Ste beats up Ryan. Jude stirs the pot for no clear reason. Eva plots. Why isn’t Ste in jail?

Best Line:
“She wouldn’t know class if it slapped her in the face.”

“Face like a slapped pig.”

On Neighbours’: Mark drives Ned away. One of Brad’s whores will die in the sky fall storyline. Paul breaks up Gary and fat cow Terese cos he’s like that.
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