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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Westworld’ opening credits
Creepy. Nice.

‘Westworld’ trailer
What is the appeal of this theme park? There is a train, a wagon, views, bodies, blood and guns. This looks good.

‘Kong: Skull Island’ trailer
It is the 1970s and there is a photographer, helicopters and an island. There is an attack, a filmmaker, a giant spider and guns. Kong is HUGE and I’m there.

Best Lines:
“Tell me everything I don’t know.”

“30 years trying to prove the truth: monsters exist.”

“You don’t go into someone’s house unless you’re picking a fight.”

“Monster from some bygone era.”

“Man is king.”

‘Pie Face/Pie Face Showdown’ ad

‘Z Nation’ season 3 promo
10k isn’t dead and Murphy is a bigger ass than ever.

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
Nico, Halloween and the ‘Suspira’ OST. Good.

Empire’ promo

‘National Treasure’ 1x04 promo
It all comes down to this.

‘Mr Magoo’ (1997) promo

‘The Secret Life Of Sue Townsend’ promo

White Rum Mojito - strong,
Goats cheese & Red Quinoa salad - okay.
Apple, Pineapple, Avocado & Greens cold pressed juice - tastes like a compost heap from 1998.
Cosmo - looks and tastes like diseased pee.
Lemon curd - yum.

There is a ‘War Of The Planet Of The Apes’?

There is to be a ‘Dynasty’ reboot?

The ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ commentary is only on itunes? Well screw you right back TPTB!

Why have Preston & Child written D’Agosta out of the Pendergast novels?

I never got to read ‘The Rift’ by Walter J Williams.

Bros are reuniting. And?

I won’t read ‘Fleet Inquisitor’, ‘Fleet Renegade’ or ‘Blood Enemies’ - the writing is GHASTLY.

I won’t review ‘Daisy in Chains’.

I will review ‘Three Dark Crowns’, ‘The Couple Next Door’, ‘The Woman in The Walls’ and ‘Relic’.

‘Angel From Hell’ is terrible.

‘Zoo Tales’ is good.

‘The Lavender Hill Mob’ (1951) was not good.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“A good baby was one who was quiet and slept a lot and had a routine rather than one who was active, alert and unpredictable.”

“Feed it when it wants feeding.”

“Illogical sensitivities.”

“He’s not motivated or interested.”

“Political aspiration.”

“Morally, there was no equivalence.”

“Reassert their manhood.”

“Is that they didn’t die.”

“Insinuations on their manhood and honour.”

“Not personally popular.”

“Take reality as her starting point.”

“Misrepresent what she said.”

“To access the eternal lives of men.”

“Masculine vibe.”

“Immutable nature.”

“Bleating conformity.”

“I’m really sick of having to live to the agenda of angry men.”

“Utter divisiveness.”

“Largely explained payment.”

“The duck is always delivered to the table with the head on, and the head has to point to the most important person at the table,”

“Holy Jesus almighty.”

“A sink that leaks, three burners that don’t work and a restaurant without any toilets.”

‘Stone Spring’ Quote:
“You can only carry one child, the others must be able to run - or die.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Forget that she exists.”

“Quit calling us for help.”

“Menopausal bitch.”

“Judged that.”

“Signature bond.”

“Absolute sobriety.”

“Banned from local bars.”

“Not banned but they don’t want me in there.”

“Pee test me.”

“I already did the stripping thing.”

“But yet you’re doing it.”

“Psycho out of control drama queen.”

“My mother can’t stand him.”

“Overly dramatic.”

“I don’t start fights.”

“Never feel afraid of me.”

“Do things out of the norm.”

“Hit to the ground.”

“Go down and go down hard.”

“What does he do?”
“Depends on how mad he is.”

“You seriously think I am physically abusing you?”
“Why do you think we are here?”

“Something in him changed.”

“A bad outcome here.”

“I can’t make him understand.”

“I don’t try and hurt you.”

“He needs to be worthy of that.”

“He turned on the hose and proceeded to spray me down.”

“Irresponsible, unmotivated and lazy.”

“It frustrates me incredibly.”

“Woman puts up with man.”

“Grabs me by the throat.”

“That is absolutely untrue.”

“There was an incident with the hose.”

“Over dramatised completely.”

“We’re done.”

“Cold and calculating way.”

“Throwing her against the wall.”

“We don’t even have stairs.”

“Any behaviour you have that you would consider change worthy?”

“Then why do you do it?”
“I don’t.”

“Unsafe in a relationship with you.”

“Shouldn’t have been done.”

“Let me justify it.”

“Similarly situated.”

“You have called the cops on us many times.”

“You are a drunk yourself.”

“Everything is in my name.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“It’s my existence.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Piper is the c word. There is to be a hot air balloon crash. Tyler chases Piper again.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Where is Thorpe? Eva has creepy knowingness. Amy lurks. Where is James? Alfie is irrationally thick. The sanctification of Jade goes on. There is social discontent. Leah is dressed up like a baby prostitute by Ste. As for Ste he is orange, violent and thick. Harry is thicker. Scott shows up to host a kiddie talent show. In a bar. Leah does a Lady Gaga impersonation to the Bad Romance song at the Little Starz contest. Charlie bores. Why is nobody at work or school? Cameron has an unabashed lack of decency. Courtney is an ass. Amy is annoyed. Why was she at the bar? This is not a visual wonder. Eva plots. Harry and Ste are less observant and lack the virtue advantage. Leela faints. Charlie and Frankie sing I’ve Got You Babe.

Ste continues his offending behaviour. Marnie is an arse. Where does Marnie get all her money? Ste picks fights with Ryan and Amy. Eva is a nutter. Where is James? Ste is satan’s butt pickings. Why are TPTB Ste obsessed? Dirk doesn’t care that Will is dead, that Dodger is AWOL or that Liberty is unseen. He also seems to have forgotten that his brother was murdered. Ryan points out that Ste is a fool. What happened to Leah’s real dad showing up? Celine is the only nurse in Cheshire. Leela is sick. Where is Kim? Ste isn’t amenable. Ste has a certain degree of idiocy. Cindy is a skivvy. Where is Hilton? Harry slimes.

Best Lines:
“Free to stay hidden if he chooses.”

“Alright! Hands off!”

“You’re useless.”

“Desperate to spend their student loans.”

“I wasn’t allowed.”
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