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Lost Season 5 ReWatch: 5x08 - 5x12 + Shades of Blue 1x12 Reviewed

Sawyer, Jin, Juliet and Miles see part of a giant statute. They end up in the 1970s with Daniel. They join the Dharma Initiative. Fools. One of the DI is a snotty bitch named Amy. 3 years pass and their very un-70s hair isn’t noted. Sawyer becomes a big badass DI security guy. Richard does a dramatic flaming torch entrance into the DI compound. Juliet and her nose job sneers. Richard is borderline creepy. Horace Goodspeed and his weight gain and bad hair blathers. Where is Olivia? The DI is failing to adjust to life on the island. Sawyer sneers. Richard is a poisonously manipulative person, who in season 6 suffered serious bad-ass decay and was revealed to be locked in a destructive relationship with Jacob. What a bitter requiem for him. Juliet becomes a free supplier of sex to another jerk, namely Sawyer. Why does the DI act in an unbearably hostile way to the hostiles? Why such a venomous rift and deeply irrational urge to stay where they are not wanted? This was risible.

Best Lines:
“That fence may keep other things out, but not us.”

“How hard he looks.”

Frank landed the Ajira plane on the island thanks to the runway the others built in season 3. Did they know this was coming? Taciturn Frank saved the day to no thanks. Jack is all bitterness and regret. Frank, Ben, Sun, Ilana and Caesar lurk. Juliet learns Amy’s baby is Ethan Rom. Sawyer frets over Kate. Horace (Doug Hutchinson) cannot be viewed rationally due to the actor’s descent into being a pervy joke in real life. Why did Frank (Jeff Fahey) never get a flashback? Ilana (Zuleikha Robinson) and Caesar (Said Taghmaoui) were useless and made one miss Nikki and Paulo. Sayid is mistaken for a hostile. Ben acts in unfathomably peculiar fashion. Sun whacks Ben with a paddle. Sayid meets young Ben. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“How would I know?”

“She left that part out.”

“Filled with commandos whose only mission was to get him.”
“And how’d that work out for everyone?”

“Are you a hostile?”

He’s Our You
Young Ben thought Richard was the hostiles leader. Young Ben meet Richard (as shown in ‘The Man Behind The Curtain’) 4 years ago. Young Ben wants to join the hostiles/others. The others goals are largely directed by whoever is leader at the time. Few things they do show them in a positive light. They hold Jacob in high esteem despite never having met him. Richard never seems to tell anyone that he is first other and that he met Jacob.

William Sanderson guest stars. Why does Sawyer want to win the good opinion of the non-well-meaning DI? Horace is curiously averse to sense. There is no emotional purchase. Hurley is the DI chef. The DI’s enforced small group togetherness creates behavioural disturbances. Kate thinks every man is hers. There is total dizzyingly unpredictability. Juliet is cooingly sentimental. Amy fears the others, yet later she and her son would join them.

DI tool Radzinsky bores. Young Ben hates the DI and his dad. Sayid has determinsion. So he shoots young Ben. The point of this season was annoyingly slow to reveal itself. This oddly undisturbing ep had sad act Sayid, constant rage Ben and no inexorable internal logic.

Best Lines:
“Did Richard send you?”

“I’ve been patient.”

Whatever Happened, Happened
Sawyer won’t listen. The DI deserved to be purged. Roger shows concern for his son. Miles orates on time travel. Jack wants young Ben stilled in death and won’t save him. Kate is a professional fawner. Young Ben is intrinsically blameless. Somehow badass security guy Sawyer hasn’t noticed Ben’s contact with Richard and co. Jack is full of unsaid loathing and longing. Jack is faux humble with an eternal belief in his uncompromising assumptions. Roger has blank incomprehension. He didn’t notice Ben’s clandestine attachment to the hostiles either. Roger and his extreme belittlement of young Ben lead to his death. Juliet and Kate plot to take young Ben to Richard and co. Sawyer shoves his nose in. Juliet confronts Jack. Kate abandoned Aaron. Richard and his innate charisma lurks in the jungle. He is being gentle yet ruthless. What happened in the Temple that cured young Ben? Sayid helped make Ben what he is. This was okay. Where was young Ben’s friend Annie?

Best Lines:
“Somebody let him out.”

“How’s he doing?”
“Not well.”

“Your maniac Iraqi buddy shot Linus.”

“He will always be one of us.”

“You shouldn’t do this without asking Ellie. If Charles finds out...”
“Let him find out. I don’t answer to him.”

Dead Is Dead
Where did 1970s Widmore get the horse he rode around on? 1970s Widmore ponces around until Richard cuts off his bluster. Fake Locke annoys. There are flashbacks to Ben (and a series of bad bad wigs). Ben and a tween Ethan are shown stealing Alex from Rousseau. What are the whispers in the jungle? Widmore sits near Richard at the bonfire until he stomps off after being challenged by Ben. This is post purge. Why did Widmore want Rousseau dead? Why did the DI never find Rousseau? Richard was very interested in Ben and Widmore’s bust up.  Later Ben played with young Alex as Widmore was exiled from the island. One of his sins was regularly leaving the island but so did Richard. Ben kills Caesar, no great loss. Ben doesn’t recall meeting the losties in the DI days. What is the thing behind the closet? Ben tried to kill Penny but Desmond beat him up. There is more island myth building.

Best Lines:
“The island chooses who the island chooses, you know that.”

“I want to be one of you.”

“You had a daughter with an outsider.”

“You’ll be the one being banished.”

For I Have Sinned
There is bad CGI car crash. The robbery has all gone wrong. There is yelling and everyone has a ghastly time. Stahl has an irrational dislike for sense. Loman has total loyalty. Depraved bisexual Donnie is bad. Harlee is badly affected. Wozniak ascribes bad motives to Donnie. Gun shot wounds are treated. Donnie sneers. Wozniak is soaked in angry. Harlee is constantly dependent on affection. Stahl is in trouble and has nerve. Wozniak has emotional weakness. Harlee is effectively compromised. There is a twist. Things are fraught. There is no finesse or circumspection. There are surface connotations. Christina whines. Harlee lies and applied eyeliner before the armed robbery. Loman cries. Wozniak justified himself. Christina is a moron. Harlee revels in yet another twist. Mmmm.

Best Lines:
“Wrong kind of attention.”

“He shot her!”
“Fascinating. Who shot him?”

“I’ve got nothing to drop.”

“They hide behind respectability.”

“I hurt people to protect people.”

“I got a couple more people that I need to hurt.”
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