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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Celebrity island’ opening credits

‘The Flash/Arrow’ promo

‘Designated Survivor’ 1x03 promo
Maggie Q lurks, Virginia Madsen plots and mmmm.

‘Storks’ promo

‘Snowden’ promo

‘Alice’ opening credits
Linda Lavin stars in this show with a wretched theme-song. Remember when Boss Hogg and Enos appeared on this show?

‘Mr Peabody and Sherman’ promo

‘The Young Pope’ promo
This looks RIDICLIOUS.

Nacho cheese tortillas - okay.
Pesto chicken kebab - no.

Anyone ever see the 1996 film ‘I Shot Andy Warhol’?

I’d like to try chocolate, lavender and honey mousse with violet ice-cream and warm potato custard sprinkled in potato puffs.

I won’t review ‘The Last Ship’ 3x12.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Chucked off ferries and bottled by fans looking for a reaction.”

“Ghastly split.”

“Headline-worthy company.”

“He isn’t grateful, more vindicated in his self-belief.”

“Struggling to make his dialogue engaging.”

“A lot of sit and not so much com.”

“When she’s all alone in a room without mirrors?”

“Screw you, fascist mouse!”

“Remove their bandanas so they weren’t mistaken for gang members.”

“Manhood 1950s-style.”

“Black endless authoritarian void.”

“Screech at each other across restaurants, pull out each others weaves in bathrooms, lose shellac nails in full-on fights, have knock-down drag-out scraps on hen nights, announce their carnal knowledge of the imminent bridegroom at engagement parties and push errant boyfriends into swimming pools.”

“Once accidentally smoked heroin.”

”Great God! This is an awful place.”

“Homer’s an alcoholic who strangles his son.”

“Never included.”

“Somewhat obscenely.”

“Is the food meant to be challenging?”

“Darken the door of this court under any circumstances.”

“I want to look like I’ve slept in a skip.”

“They don’t care about the consequences.”

“Train drinking.”

‘Natural World’ Quote:
“Brood pouch.”

‘Victoria’ Quote:
“It was a big frog. Stuffed.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I’m really laughing now.”

“Little witch.”

“You will never see your children again.”

“My hypocritical mother.”

“Can I move my seat Dr Phil?”

“Changed the subject about 9 times.”

“They just won!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Cannot yet understand the consequences of what they have done.”

‘Teen Titans Go!’ Quote:
“I shouldn’t have used magic to cure your ignorance.”

On ‘Neighbours’: the always loathsome Brad is having his Bucks party. Ned is back and Elly whines. Why are Terese and Piper attending Lauren’s hen night? Lauren is a home wrecking WHORE. Elly is stupid and has bad emotional responses.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Diego is gone from the opening credits. Jade and Sonia look up their loser father only to find him in a calm respectful middle class environment. They can’t bring themselves to ring the doorbell and leave. Jade’s dying. Alfie bores and Lisa is unashamedly awful. Where is James?


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