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Movie Review: Run (1990)

This was all judgemental miserabilisim. Patrick Dempsey and Kelly Preston star in this horrendous film. A smug law student (a pre nose job Dempsey) smugs and gambles. There are 80s perms and a gratingly simplistic plot. There is no passive intellectual debate, just a needlessly unpleasant ‘hero’. Charlie (Dempsey) is dumb with noticeable relish. There is no guileless sincerity or concise narrative arc. Charlie is menaced by an ineffectual bad guy and kills him with a punch. There is obsequiousness, an utterly characterless ‘hero’, synth music and this was not a wholesome morality tale. Charlie has to run instead of taking responsibility for what he has done. Bad guys look shifty. There is all engulfing silliness - and this was of poor quality as he runs off and is ditched by his comedy sidekick.

Sad act Charlie is angry and self absorbed. There is no intense vulnerability and this was not fantastically taut or painfully tragic or fiendishly dark. There is no abstracted angst. This fails abjectly. There are bad teeth and a 50 grand reward for bringing Charlie in. There is cold abandonment of sense. Charlie is a moral failure. There is no storytelling deftness or intellectual reflection. A tarty piece card dealer (Preston) is caught up in this. There are negative emotions and Charlie has a mask of indifference to the manslaughter he committed.

Callow tool Charlie is ludicrously inappropriate and dumb. This was not bracing or uncompromising. His appalling mistake doesn’t leave him stricken with sorrow. This was a misjudged and irritating film. Stuff this film into a dark dark box and forget it exists. Charlie is not overly cautious and has a self perceived lack that he has no trust fund. He has modest defensiveness that he killed someone. This was not a moral exercise.

Charlie is not even disconcerted that he killed someone; he acts like he missed an oxygen treatment. Sense is ignored and this was full of laughably big and panicky misjudgements. Charlie is all narcissistic bragging and dangerous mendaciousness. This film is resistible. Charlie is not heroic and earnest and there is general mundainity and no dire consequences. The soul shrivels with boredom watching this.
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