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Harper's Island Ep 1 Review

Plan your wedding. Plan your future. Plan your escape.

Welcome to a 13 part mystery event.

This show is reminding me of 'April Fool's Day' (the original film not the awful remake). A group of wedding guests head to Harper's Island on board a yacht. Now why the poor boy/rich princess want to celebrate their marriage on an island where serial killer John Wakefield horribly killed numerous people and strung them up in trees is not explained. The groom is Henry (show killer Christopher Gorham of 'Popular', 'Jake 2.0' and 'Ugly Betty'), the bride is Patricia and the bride's evil dad is played by Richard Burgi of 'The Sentinel' and 'Point Pleasant'. I'm calling evil dad as the killer right away, simply for the villain = name guest star trope as seen on 'Veronica Mars'.

There is a large cast on this show and most of them are unlikeable idiots, in fact everyone is an idiot as Patricia's cousin is killed in a horrible 'Saw' like manner five minutes into the ep and no-one notices. The Harper's Island sheriff is played by Jim Beaver of 'Supernatural', Patricia's slimeball ex Hunter is played by Victor Webster of 'Mutant X', then there is Henry's friend Abby, her ex Jimmy, Patricia's friends Chloe and cal, a creepy kid named Madison, Henry's loser brother JD and Shea to provide meat for the grinder.

The opening credits are very nice, the cast is large, the storyline intrigues and Uncle Marty (Harry Hamlin of 'Veronica Mars' and 'Disappearance') is victim number 2. How long before these idiots notice someone is trimming the guest list?

Main Suspect: Evil Dad.

Best Lines:
"Heard you tried to whack yourself again. Now was that just an attention getting kind of thing or were you really, really sad?"

"You broke up a bar fight with a pool cue."
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