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Book Reviews: The Reunion aka Dark Reunion + Resolute + Audacious

The Vampire Diaries #4: The Reunion aka Dark Reunion by L.J. Smith
This 1992 novel has dated references and an old fashioned cover. Elena’s dead and her friends have points of concern. Werewolves show up and this was a signifier of nothing very much. This was dismal, idiotic, absurd and pathetic. It was derisorily written. Heinous serial loser Damon continues to act like an aggrandised constructed caricature with a rampant sexual appetite and a lack of morality. Stefan mopes. This was riddled with illogic and limited social connections. There are revolting passions and this was pointless. Klaus the Original show up. This was catastrophically bad and the ending is confusing and silly.

Best Lines:
“She never used hair spray. It’s awful.”

“And it’s bad.”
“It would be.”

“But the Smallwoods aren’t vampires at all. We’re something else.”

“Wolf trouble.”

“The spirits of those who’d died here were walking again.”

Kris Longknife: Resolute by Mike Shepherd
This 2006 novel is the 4th in the saga and it sees Kris far far away. She has ceremonial prominence without power. Then Hank Peterwald shows up and Kris makes audacious decisions to pick a fight. Jack was Kris’ Edward Meechum like Secret Service agent and now he’s a marine? Kris’ pronounced fatalism and utter refusal to compromise and unfeeling fury foments chaos. This leads to boredom, death and posturing. This was dull.

Best Line:
“We fight him on the high ground. We fight him on the shuttle landing grounds. We fight him in the streets and in the hills. I read that somewhere. Forget who said it,”

Kris Longknife: Audacious by Mike Shepherd
This 2007 novel sees the smug and judgemental Kris meet Vicky Peterwald who is evil to an almost southern gothic extent. This was before she was retconned into a wholly authentic character in her own spin-off. This was not strikingly harrowing and had no intense drama or mock solemnity. Kris is a tad dismissive and no one has cold rationality, unexpected subtleties, charm or self-possession. Kris sullies events by picking a fight. This was not terrifically tense and Kris has no glowering integrity just a murky and compromised mindset and a conceited ego. Vicky is all frosty exterior and perfume-ad sex vibes and inadequate understanding. She’s still better than Kris and her dark persona and faux primness and Kris is just one of those awful people. This wasn’t even intermittently involving.

Best Lines:
“Thirteen generations and the Peterwalds had come to this.”

“You can sample the hospitality of my lower basements until such time as your father asks about you. I expect that might be a very long time, all things considered.”
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