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Movie Reviews: The Stag + Transcendence

The Stag (2013)
A groom has a stag party arranged by Andrew Scott. This was unfunny and full of bad acting. This does not aspire to quality and was riddled with badness and the bride is made to be a fervent advocate of being annoying. The bride’s parasite single brother shows up, he’s long maligned and awful. This was drained of ideology and bad actors are the focal point. The jerk destroys their property and ruins everything. This does not achieve the desired effect to amuse. This was not feted.

Best Lines:
“I’d find a way to enjoy that.”

“Wet and silent and boring and weird.”

“Come sock.”

“Bar wench!”

“Mountain praying.”

“Hippie bastards!”

Transcendence (2014)
There is little here that is aspirational just an AI with the most malevolent of motives. This film feels incidental rather than integral or even relevant. Johnny Depp plays a creepy guy into making AI. An anti-tech group strike. Depp has a litany of justifications. I am uninclined to care about this frivolous bourgeois pageantry. Depp’s idiot wife and her blank charmlessness makes a life ruining choice. Why do the anti-tech group have such elemental negativity and verbal and physical objections to technology? There are cyborgs, people plot and there are terrible consequences. This film is abstemious of sense and logic and interest.

Best Lines:
“Putting smartphones in blenders.”

“We know what you’re building.”

“Where are you going?”
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